free sand and gravel mixure

brooklynerSeptember 26, 2008

I have no idea why a previous owner brought tons of river sand and gravel on a backyard. Offering such great construction material for free for self pick up and shoveling. It is good for concrete project, horizontal enlargement of your backyard, landscaping, badding for natural stones application, etc. Just add cement , water and your hands. I can donate is to anybody in any amount. Location is Eat 27 Street, Brooklyn between Ave W and V.

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Post this on your local Freecycle forum, you'll get a better response.

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Bring it over. I'll take it all. I'm in SE Colorado. Don

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Dont be greedy, Don. I'll take half out here in ca. and will be looking for the truck to deliver asap. Dont ask for gas money, need it for the mixer!

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