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jejvtrMarch 12, 2007

Hi all you avid sewers! I'm a "wannabe" and looking for some advice

1st - I purchased LaScala Silk drape pinch pleat drapery (2pair) for my Dinning room - long ardous task ordering the best way for me to do it - was to get Made to length order - so sort of custom without the $$$$ in any event I would have preferred add'l linning ((they come w/thin cotton/poly linning) - just wondering is it possible to have a prof seamstress put a linning in ???

I'd like the extra protection on the silk, weight of panels, and keeping heat out in summer



I would like to do some simple sewing projects (pillows, maybe roman shades) and am looking for used machine - i did read a recent post on machines -

Found this near me wondering if it might suit my needs and if anyone can help me out

$40 not much info

Singer Sewing Machine from the 1960s. Solid, heavy construction, not lightweight like the newer models. Runs as well today as it did 40 years ago! Price Negotiable!


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Yes a good seamstress should be able to add a lining to your curtains.

I say go for it with the machine. I you only get a couple of years out of it your not out much and you will get an idea as to whether or not sewing is for you.


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That looks very similar to the Singer Fashion Mate that my parent's gave me when I graduated from college. I've still got mine and it runs just fine. I'll never get rid of it.

If it has zig zag capability, you will be very glad of that. And yes, this machine weighs a ton.

You've got a bargain! Yay for you!


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I'd go for the Singer. It is a good sturdy machine and the price is pretty good. Colleen

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Before you buy anything, make sure you sew on it. The main thing you need is a good thread tension. Good luck.

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Ok that one sold - and now I'm on the serious hunt

Followed advice on other threads here & went to local dealer - experienced guy who has had the biz over 20yrs - not pushy - He only sells Janome - noted yes, there are others out there of quality - I suppose he finds this easier

He has a great policy - if in the first 12 mos you would like to ret your machine for upgraded machine you can at full pricing! nice
Unlimited instruction - with appt
He services

So, now I have to decide new machine - gee after trying out the Janome DC 3050 retails @ $699 vs a manual or non computerized....

Still looking but I really liked that machine seems like sewing would truly be enjoyable

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