No fun at all: Window hardware math

mtnrdredux_gwJuly 13, 2014

I had held off ordering WT because I wanted to see the wallpaper up to decide between two shades of white.

I now realize I also have to figure out rod sizes.

The purpose of these WT is one thing only; to soften the look of the room and make it lighter (ie covering dark wood with off white linen). So, the fabric will be stacked outside of the window at all times!

Here are pre-wallpaper photos (the wallpaper is bright white and blue ikat).

The triple window is 108" wide, with 28 " to the left and 18" to the right. What size rod? 138?

The smaller single windows flanking the fpl are 45" wide, with 29" to the left and 32" to the right. Would you do 65" rods?


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Have you chosen the style of the rods you like? There's a standard rule of width to cover outside the window, but I don't recall. ;>P Six inches? I would get expandable rods, even though I hate the change of diameter showing. I have used the wooden poles so that they can be joined or trimmed. You will have so many interesting fabrics, wall coverings, and furniture the drapery rods won't be a feature to worry about. Hope someone else chimes in about set back on drapery. If you hang drapes too far out it looks strange, especially on the smaller windows, IMO. (Which isn't worth much).

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These are the rods, they aren't extendable but custom size.

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Belgian linen in this style

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Annie Deighnaugh

Scroll down a few questions on the attached link....she lists a few ways of looking at stack depends on the thickness of the fabric...lined or unlined...and how the drape is created. For example, grommets will stack back much flatter than pinched pleats....

Here is a link that might be useful: ask an expert

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Thanks, Annie!

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If you have enough room on either side, just multiply the window by 1.3

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mtn, glad someone else gave you some formulas. With each formula (multiply by 1.3 and divide by two---or add 12, divide by 6 & add to each side) you end up with double the stack back on the large window compared to the smaller window. This makes sense if you were to close the panels. If these are stationary panels you could choose your stack back per your preference. Is a workroom making the drapery for you, or are you buying ready made panels. Will your unlined linen show your dark window trim and wallpaper or walls?

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Answer - yes. In fact, i think the unlined panels look kinda cheap. I just ordered lined ones ....

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