Single women in Japan

Andy_JapanFebruary 19, 2003

Before I came to Japan I had an image of every woman as the happy homemaker. Wrong!

Here's an intersting article from the L A Times,

Here is a link that might be useful: Single women in Japan

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Very interesting stuff! I did see lots of parallels, at least from my personal experience. For example, I was 25 when I had Mara (my oldest). And of course, my ex VERY seldom changed any diapers (only at the last possible moment) and I think I can count on one hand how many times my dad has changed my kids diapers. LOL. It'd be interesting to see how the US conpares.

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What a deal! I'd move in with anybody's parents if it meant no rent and no housework.

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I hear this is the way it is in many European countries. They don't seem to be as fixated as Americans on "independence."

Single Japanese women are known for spending that disposable income they now have on expensive trips and designer clothing. Some save up and buy a condo, though.

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