Repair Aluminum Fascia

scottmelSeptember 22, 2008

I noticed that our aluminim fascia is coming loose - two long 15+ foot pieces that form an upside down V at the top peak of our roof (bad windstorm). It looks like the fascia was orignally "face nailed" and I can see some nails "popped out" with some of the underlying wood slightly exposed. It's just a matter of time before the stuff gets torn off. Both pieces are loose.

My question is what is the best technique to repair aluminum fascia? The fasica pieces are OK and just need re-nailed so the next wind doesn't blow them off the house.

I've read that "face nailing" is bad b/c it causes fascia ripples due to temperature changes. I've also seen about using caulk and nailing into the bottom lip of the fascia, drilling holes, etc.

The house is around 15 years old and the fascia is very much exposed to the weather.

Can somebody give me some steps to do this right so I don't have to fix this again in the near future? I'll probably have to get a pro, b/c I don't want to work with ladders on a roof (it's 25' up there!), but I can at least know if the pro is doing the right thing or not! Also - how much would a pro generally charge for this work?

All help is appreciated! THANKS!

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