Kitchen Pics - Finally!!

gneegirlFebruary 3, 2008

Hi all - I finally did it; I learned how to post the pictures. I just don't know how to make it true link, so you'll have to cut and paste (I think). Thanks to everyone for helping me get through this ordeal. I'm almost finished - just the little PITA things, plus a fan (no place to put it now that the archway is there instead of the cabinets). Oh well - I'll figure out something.

See ya,


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Very nice, Mary!! Night and day difference and obviously worth the wait..I am envious that you have a fuller beard than I could ever grow.

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Funny Michael!!!

Thanks for the compliment. The guy in the picture is the granite installer. That guy was amazing!! He was like an artist when doing the seams. I teased him, and his helper, that he was the brain surgeon and the helper was the orthopedits (becasue he was doing the hacking (cutting). I called it the "Soul shot" because they didn't want me to take their picutre - said that in their country, taking a picture meant taking their soul (or something like that). Because of that I was only able to take that one shot of them. Interesting how much culure plays in folks' lives - makes you think outside of your own little box sometimes.

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just giving you a hard time, hon...the counter tops are very impressive....something to be proud of, for sure.

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Wow gng, congrats, it is just beautiful! I really like the granite you picked. That salmon or whatever that color is, really brings the granite to life. What is that saying you have over your stove? Can't read it. Makes me want to come over for a cup of coffee, lol!

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Nice job!

I posted a direct link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: The new kitchen

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WoW........I'm saying WoW!

That is just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing with us!

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First things first: Jo, THANK YOU for the link!! I don't how to do that. I'm still having fun learning all this stuff - with my sister's camera, to boot.

Michael - I got you on the "rough time". I know you were kidding (I HOPE!). Thanks again for your thoughts.

Eloise - it says "Give Us Our Daily Bread". Now that I've taken down that cabinet and header, I don't have a good place to put it. I really liked it where it was because you would see it when you walked into the kitchen. I may put it on the other side where the desk and table are now. There are so many quartz pieces in this granite - Creama Bordeaux. I think I've got some cracking that's beginning to surface. It's right where the coffee machine is and I think the vibration it makes is doing it. I'm going to try a mouse pad under it. I'm calling the fabricator tomorrow to see if it can be salvaged. I hope its not damaged too much though. It took a very long time to find this granite, and I absolutly love it. It would be sad to have to get something else - plus the cost!!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - COME ON DOWN; there's plenty of coffee for everyone! I used to entertain a lot but not lately. I would love to have you all here. Maybe by then the dust will have settled - for the last time!!!

Jeaninwa - thanks for you compliments too. This was the most agonizing thing I've done, and it took the better part of a year (and I didn't even get new cabinets!!). But I'm sure proud of it. I never thought that I would have something this beautiful. It is truly a blessing that I receive with the most humble heart. I had a lot of help from GWebbers though. I know I wouldn't have done this without them. This site rocks!!

Hey all - I hope you enjoyed the game!!!

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