Really good news!

eclairJanuary 1, 2014

But no one to share it with.

I paid off my mortgage!!! And then I cried and cried. Isn't that silly?

It has been a long and very difficult road, doing it alone, but it's finally done.

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Congratulations, doesn't it feel good? It is not silly at all. Just hang onto it now and never ever get an equity loan on it. Keep it free and clear and it's yours forever.

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I don't come here very often, so I didn't see this until today.

Paying off your mortgage is WONDERFUL! That is a big, big victory for you! Congratulations, and enjoy the equity and financial peace of mind!

(But don't forget to save some $$$ for future maintenance, LOL)

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WTG! I have 3 more years and can't wait to pay it off.

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