morning sunrise

stargazzerJanuary 4, 2009

i got up at 7:15 this morning, a few minutes later i looked out the north windows and noticed the houses across the street were a funny color. i suspected a sunrise situation....but at 7;45????? i looked out the south windows and saw a spectacular sunrise. i had to check my computers weather watcher for today's sunrise time and it said 7;45. isn't that to late in the morning for the sun to come up for kansas?

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I hope it was a beautiful sunrise - that is a wonderful experience. It's been raining cat's, dog's, and everything else over the last few days. Please share your sunny morning with the east coast - LOL!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!


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enjoyed it as much as possible. i shouldn't complain about a broken arm after reading about Patrick Swayzi's problems in the morning paper, poor guy.

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