woodycrestJanuary 12, 2005

..interesting reading here.

So what defines a 'relationship'?

Is it physical intimacy? Is the term boyfriend/girlfriend applied after intimacy?

What is it about physical intimacy that fogs the brain?

I think that it easier to maintain 'focus' when one is single.


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Sure it's easier but why take the easy way out?! In the words of Huey Lewis - I Wanna New Drug!


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There are at least 3 kinds of singles that come to mind to me...feel free to add to the list.

1. There are the ones that haven't found a true longterm relationship yet and are still in search of the perfect spouse. (p.s. there aren't many perfect people out there)

2. There are the ones that have been in the longterm relationship and found that they can indeed survive in life without the maintenence of pleasing someone else at the risk of making themselves unhappy. It takes a special person to get this type to change their thoughts and the longer they are single, the more they enjoy it.

3. There are the ones that have been in the longterm relationship and it ended on bad terms and they don't know how to survive alone so they usually doom themselves to other failed attempts out of desparation to not be alone.

I'm sure I am leaving someone out... but those that know me know I am a type 2 person.

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4. the widow/widower.
5. the single parent.

I am in the 4 and 5 category, lost my wife to an impaired driver 10 years ago.And single dad of a 11 year old girl.

This is the situation, it is what it is, life goes on.

So where is there time to be anything but single?

one day at a time, i always say...

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My condolences woody....I was in the cat 5 for a few years...I knew I was forgetting some....welcome to the board btw

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thanks Tinamantu,

this forum is awfully quiet...

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God be with you and your child, woodycrest.

Then, there is the one who has only had 5 men/women in all her/his long life, and one of them just keeps coming back and she/he just keeps believing in him/her ie the one with questionable mentality! Let us not forget the hopeless believer of romance!

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it has its quiet moments here Woody and I think that may reflect on somes choices to stay to themselves...I've never seen this board as a reflection of what some that stumble across and see the title and think that it's a place to meet other singles for dating purposes....god knows there are enough sites out there to do that....this is indeed a place for people that are single and discuss the positives and negatives of being such.

There are a lot of good people here and I hope you hang around and keep us posted on how things go with raising your daughter. She is only 11 and let me tell you my friend, you ain't seen nothing yet . I have had people here help me out on making decisions on which way I should go in how to deal with mine as she got older and I appreciate it....bottom line.. there are a lot of years of experience with raising kids and dealing with relationships here....the best of luck to you!

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