Who do you think you are?

kayjonesJanuary 19, 2005

Often, I ask myself 'who am I' - and can't come up with a solid answer. It's hard to see the trees when one is in the forest, right?

I see myself as a loving, giving person - one who is very blessed to have wonderful friends and family. I see myself as thin, looking older than I actually am, and happy with the simpler things in life.

I see myself as articulate, intelligent, and not very tolerent of others. I see myself as poor in material possessions, but rich in the things that matter. I see myself as a really OK lady! I'm not so sure other people see me as I feel I really am, but that's THEIR problem, right?

How do YOU see yourself?

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I believe that the only person that
really cares about who you are
is yourself ,how does that saying go
heaven helps those that helps themselves ??

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hmmmm....tough, but good question kay.... even though I don't believe in astrology, as a Leo, I do see myself as brash and overconfident(outsiders might see it as cocky and be turned away...so what?) I think of myself as a person that faces things up front and just deals with them....whether they are good or bad results doesn't matter, you just have to be satisfied that you made the wise decision and move on. If I dwelled on every mistake that I have made, I'd be living in a cave....as it is, I tread carefully and hope I never step on thin ice ever again. As far as greater beings controlling my life, I agree...but I believe I am a deist by all definition. Thinking logically might send me to hell but my only regret will be that the beer will be warm. :)

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