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emmaJanuary 4, 2014

I was curious about what the rest of you do when you are alone at home. I do movies, read, work jigsaw puzzles and play with this machine. I just finished watching Sense and Sensibility with Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman. It is a very good movie, I have watched it several times. I love the horses with their heads held high as if they are proud of themselves. Of course the manners and the use of the English language. Very nice and I was in tears at the end. I used to not be affected that way. I have a lot of series and recently bought the Harry Potter series. I liked the first 3 seasons, but it got a little dark after that. I was told it was because of a new director. I just acquired Percy Jackson and the Olmpians, The Lightening Thief and the second one, Seas Monsters. I love the cast in it and especially the first half hour when Percy found out he was the son of a god of the sea called Posidian and a normal woman. Very good.

I also have a lot of puzzles and a puzzle board which sits on a table you can tilt. Really saves on your back.

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Good morning, Emma. I have plenty to do! I am raising my grandson, who's 12, and my stepson lives with me - he's 23. I do whatever has to be done, every day, then work in my huge yard, play on the computer or read.

I have two small dogs and a cat who require my attention, plus a big house that needs attention. There aren't many empty minutes in my house! At age 63, I rest a lot!!!

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