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morgan13September 17, 2013

Just started the process of getting quotes on a new roof. House is 1075 square ft, nothing there anything missing from this quote? Does it seem like a decent quote considering I am in San Diego? I got a quote a few years ago that was about the same. And should I do the ridge vent? I don't know much about roofing clearly :)

WORK DESCRIPTION: Re-roof entire residence complete as follows. In the event minimal wood replacement is
required, the additional costs are as follows: 1x2 through 1x8, unpainted, is $5.00 per lineal foot. 2x4 lumber, unpainted, is
$6.00 per lineal foot. 2x6 and 2x8 fascia board, unpainted, is $8.00 per lineal foot. 2x10 fascia board, unpainted, is $10.00
per lineal foot. " plywood, unpainted, is $3.50 per square foot.
Remove existing roof(s) down to wood sheathing and haul away.
Install new drip edge metal to all perimeters.
Install one layer of type 30 felt paper underlayment.
Install new galvanized flashing to all roof penetrations (pipes, vents, chimney).
Install new galvanized flashing to all roof-to-wall transitions.
Install new lifetime manufacturers warranty dimensional shingles.
Install new hip and ridge caps to all roof peaks.
Seal and paint all roof penetrations color to match new shingles.
Clean from all debris.
All work described above will be done per manufacturers specifications.
Approximate time for substantial completion: 2-3 working day(s) - weather permitting
Manufacturers Warranty: Lifetime
Workmanship Warranty: 10 years
TOTAL PRICE: $5,900.00 includes material and labor
Option to install ridgevent (additional) brochure attached: $300.00


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I'm sure other's may chime in. It appears you have a generic type quote, not really configured for the job at hand. It would be wise to get other quotes from licensed & insured contractors.

What is missing: Type of wood for fascia if needed, pine, treated, cedar, other? Type of plywood, CDX or other, 4 ply or 3 ply, 1/2" or? $3.50 per square foot for replacement of CDX 4 ply in _my_ area would be over priced, however your area it may be the going rate. That is, if that is the material being priced, but the quote doesn't specify. No mention of type _metal_ for drip edge, or the size.

Galvanized collars and flashing is a no no in my area (it rusts and streaks), your area may be different. No mention of manufacturer for felt, now days, some manufacturers have a better 15lb felt than someone else's 30lb. No mention of manufacturer of roofing material. Be aware, lifetime does not mean lifetime. Don't be fooled thinking you will never have to replace your roof again. Also, the warranty will be a _limited_ and _prorated_ warranty, think of it like a car battery.

No mention of permits if needed, or to make sure the structure is secure each day from any elements. You don't want someone going home with your roof uncovered. This stuff really happens, believe it or not.

Then there is ridge vents, you must have soffit vents also. You probably want to read up on that one. And, there are different types of ridge vents, you don't want an inferior one, which may clog up from dust and cause serious problems.

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Thanks for the reply. I don't think there will be any issues with the wood as the last owner was very good about maintaining the house but I will ask the contractor. The ridge vent is this one "VentSureî Rigid Roll Ridge"....problem is, for me to ask all the questions to the contractor when I won't know if his answers are good or not that ridge vent good or bad....I would not know. So then a ridge vent is a must? I don't have one now.... In San Diego it hardly rains so the roof could be uncovered for months and it would not be a problem at this time of year. And again, in San Diego, things rusting is not usually a problem....we get less than 8 inches of rain a year....and he has a 10 year labor warantee so if things rusted would that not be covered? I supposed questions to ask him. The shingles are Owen's Corning....good, bad?

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Why don't you scan and post the proposal, blocking out the name and contractor info. You very well may have the info Roof35 is looking for right there at your finger tips. Yes ridge vent is required BUT SOFFIT vents are also required as you need both for ventilation to work.

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That was pretty much what I did with the quote.....that was it. I have been quite amazed at the lack of detail contractors give. One HVAC quote did not even list the brand of equipment....just list 3 ton condensor, 3 ton furnace and matching 3 ton coil....huh? Came to find out that contractor did not even have a valid license.....omg! So now in getting roofing quotes, seems the same thing is the norm. So that this contractor is suggesting that specific vent product without a SOFFIT.....I should pass on the vent he is offerring....I need to keep costs down so if I have to add something else that he did not suggest my costs may be going out of my budget.

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Your roof HAS to be vented or you will void ANY roofing material warranty period, and it HAS to be vented properly. The correct flashing needs to be installed per the manufacturers instructions (material type as well) as well or you warranty will be void. The proper fasteners must be used at the proper locations or your warranty will be void. See what were getting at, you either due your due diligence and do it right the first time or pay forever, As Roof also stated "lifetime" roofing material is a fallacy as every roof shingle warranty I have ever heard of is prorated. If he does not install the correct products in the correct manor, what good will his 10 year labor warranty be?

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As well the installer must be certified by the roofing manufacturer in most cases for the warranty to be valid.

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That's a very average roof qoute for here. Not too bad actually. Owens Corning is a good brand.

Like stated before there is no such thing as a lifetime warranty and the materials are prorated as is your insurance if you need to have it replaced. Also a 30 year shingle is rated under perfect conditions. Here on the Gulf Coast they are closer to 15 or 20.

Ridge venting works by cutting a vent hole the length of the roof at the peak and covering the hole so air can circulate but rain can't get in. The idea is that hot air rises and the peak of the roof is the highest point for the air to rise to.

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