Adding ribbon to curtains

tlc1994March 3, 2010

I am planning on embellishing some store bought curtains by adding some ribbon to them. Click on the link below to see the look I'm going for.

Anyway, IÂm just afraid that when the curtains are washed, the ribbon may start to curl/scrunch up (if that makes sense).

Any suggestions? Is it best to sew it on or should I use fabric glue? Is one better than the other to prevent anything like this from happening?

Thanks a lot!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Teen Ribbon Drapes

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Pre-wash both the curtains and the ribbons, and then do the sewing. They will shrink differently, so if not pre-washed you won't know what you'll get.

Personally, I wouldn't use fabric glue. I find it bulky, messy, and unreliable.

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Mary c is right about washing both the fabric and ribbons. And if you sew, you should sew them in. Personally, I think using glue is much messier and harder than sewing. However, how often do you really wash curtains, anyway, so maybe the glue would be fine.

The curtains you linked are cute; I hope you have fun making them and enjoy having them in your home. It's a good idea to embellish store bought.

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I agree with others, I posted this yesterday did not know you had 2 posts:

To insure that there is no curling or fading, IMHO
I would pre wash the curtains, if washable, and the ribbon.
The site you posted said it is Grosgrain ribbon, Satin would probably not hold up as well.

Probably would use something like Steam A Seam light, use a press cloth, this will hold ribbon in place and straight, then stitch close to the edge of ribbon.

Might also try invisible thread for the top stitching if you cannot exactly match the color you are using.

They also have a tape used in quilting that is sticky on both sides and disappears after laundering. Sorry do not remember the name.
Hopefully another member has input.

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Get some stitch witchery. You place it on your curtain and the ribbon on top and iron. Directions come with it so read and follow directions. It comes in different widths so get one that is the same size or a bit smaller than your ribbon.
I agree with Patty. I would use gros grain ribbon not satin

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Thanks for your help! The curtains are washable and I did get grosgrain ribbon.

I know that the curtains won't be washed all that frequently, but because they are white and in a kid's room, I just have to make sure that everything will hold up.

I'll definitely pre-wash everything, just to play it safe.

I'll post a picture as soon as I get this project done. I'm shooting for this weekend, but who knows...

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take a look at this site, they offer many beautiful jacquard woven ribbons.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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