Sliding screen at back door

minflickSeptember 10, 2012

Hi folks, first time posting outside the Garden Department!

We bought a house a year ago. There's a sliding glass door out the back bedroom, with a screen. Actual door is fine. Screen door, on the other hand, is bad and getting worse. Not the actual screen, but

1) The frame warps when I try to slide it in either direction. Any recommendations on how I could stiffen it up? Would one of those partial grills that people put on to defend the door against pets do enough of a job to be worth it?

2) The long skinny piece of fur/insulation that is glued to the inside trailing edge of the screen has come totally off, allowing BUGS in my room... This is Not Good. Can I lift the screen off the track and reglue the strip of stuff? I've got steel wool I could scrub that side of the frame with. I'm extremely nervous about lifting the screen out of the track, because I'm afraid I'm going to break it, but I don't see any other way of repairing it, and I'm tired of the darn bugs...

3) What glue should I use. I have Gorilla glue (don't think that's a great choice, but I could be SO wrong), Elmer's (nope) and crazy glue (maybe?). Glue is cheap - tell me what I need to get!

Any advice on either question will be gratefully received!

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A glass shop should be able to provide you with a replacement sliding screen for your door with no issues.

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most sliding screens that I've encountered have springs in the upper rollers and are made to lift up and swing out to remove them.

I believe that the "furry" insulation comes in a roll with with an adhesive back. Inquire at a local screen business about buying a replacement.

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Folks will sometimes replace the sliding screen door with a generic replacement that might not be of the same quality as original equipment manufacturer. It might be worth a call to the door manufacturer to see what your options are. Otherwise, one of the "dog screens" might be a good choice.

The furry weatherstrip comes in rolls at your local home center/hardware store. Usually in the same department as door hardware. It is self sticking. Clean off the old adhesive first. Try Goof Off or Goo Gone.

Not sure otherwise what you're trying to glue.

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No idea who made the door, so unless I find a label on it somewhere, I guess the dog screen is my best option.

Furry weatherstripping is exactly what I was wanting, just could NOT think of it's real name!

Goo gone already lives at my house, I'll try it!

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Try in the corners of the glass, manufacturers will often etch information there. Otherwise, look for a tag on the edge of the door.

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I guess it depends on where you live. I'm in FL and there are numerous local firms that repair old sliders/screens and will make custom replacement screens for a reasonable price. If sliding glass doors are common where you live, check around and see who's out there.

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No labels on the doors, and there is a small label on the glass itself, but it's not the mfg info, it's the ANSI stuff, there's no company name on it. AND it's upside down, and backwards, from both sides of the glass! (Double pane doors, label must be on the inside).

I will go and get some of the furry weather stripping and see how I do with that. I don't have any money at the moment to get it properly repaired, but the weatherstripping is something I could do.

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Is the screen frame "warping" because the screen doesn't slide smoothly? I suspect that the rollers for the screen might be gone or the door is not on the track properly. Take the screen out, and examine the roller wheels. The style of the rollers is often unique to a specific manufacturer. Replace the rollers as necessary and clean the track. If they are tensioned properly the door should slide nicely without bending the frame.

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That could certainly be part of it, I know it does sometimes get off the track. I will look at the rollers! Also, there's tree litter in the track, and it's nearly impossible to keep that litter out, since this doorway is under a gigantic oak tree... The litter isn't helping anything, that much I know!

Good suggestion, thank you.

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