craftsman garage door opener

alcrossSeptember 9, 2008

I have a 1/2hp craftsman door opener that is 3 years old and it just stopped working.The sensors work and the lights but the motor will only open the door 1/8" each time I hit the button.Any suggestions would be great.

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Sounds like a broken door spring. Have you tried releasing the opener and operating the door by hand?

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Have a wall switch that the green light is flashing constantly. Only thing recently done was battery changed in keyless remote. Both door sensors are lit 1 green, 1 yellow. No manual left by previous owners.

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If you have a wall switch with 3 buttons, hold the one in that has a lock icon on it for 3 seconds and release. Other than the flashing light what problem are you having?

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I just replaced the battery in my garage door opener remote, but I don't know if it's the right size. I replaced it with an Energizer 2032 3.0 volt and it doesn't work.

Sears Canada 139.53681B

There are 2 additional circular buttons (smaller than the big thumb button) on the remote. None of them are labeled. Do I need to synch this remote somehow by pressing one of these buttons for a couple seconds or something?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Make sure you didn't install the battery upside down. You shouldn't need to do anything more. Was it working before you replaced the battery?

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