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ttoddJuly 27, 2014

On the way home from church today I scored this coffee table and 2 side tables. Luckily today we took separate vehicles so I was able to fit it all in my van. Can't wait to choose a paint color for the legs and aprons.

Last Spring we got our patio table, 4 chairs & outdoor living room set from the same household for the same price. Free was the offer but Mr. Fox always gives anyways. I guess that makes us regulars!

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Score 3 for Mrs. Fox! Seriously, you must have radar or something!

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Ha! Both times we were passing their house just as they were putting the last piece down on the lawn. Excellent timing!

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Score is right! I wonder why they are just giving away such nice things. Perhaps to avoid the aggravation of selling? I wonder. Anyway, congrats!

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Nice! They are going to start thinking you are just hanging out at the end of their block waiting to see what they'll put out. Give them your # for their next go-round. Who knows what you've missed!

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dedtired, we have a nice Chinese elm wood cabinet that is 6 ft. tall. It cost $1,500 about 14 years ago. We don't have a good spot for it in this house. Tried local ebay and no takers. I volunteer at a local non-profit thrift store, but they have no room for large furniture. Tired of it sitting in the rear garage and we will probably just put it at the curb with a free sign. I've seen similar ones, of lesser quality, going for what we paid for it. I don't need to make money off of it and would like it to get picked up by someone that appreciates the piece.

We had better luck with a solid farm table and 8 chairs on local ebay. Those got picked up right away by a younger family in our same town. They got a great deal.

Sometimes it is just about nice pieces that no longer work in your house (or new house in our case) and you just want to pass it on, at no cost, to someone that will appreciate and enjoy the piece.

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They were merging 2 households under 2 roof's to 1 household under 1 roof. They've never really been interested in selling the stuff as much as just getting rid of it as quickly as possible.

Nice family!

Chispa - do you have a Purple Heart charity in the area? They often look for and will pick up large furniture items.

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Foxes, I had never heard of that charity group and will look it up. Thanks

Edit - just looked and they want small furniture that can easily be picked up by one driver. Mine will be too heavy.

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