Metal Roof Confirmation

Debbi BrankaSeptember 11, 2012

We live in Michigan (Detroit area). We are replacing our asphalt shingle roof. We've decided to go with Decra stone coated steel shingles. We haven't signed the contract yet, but we're setting up an appointment to do so. Just looking for any thoughts, reviews or warnings before we sign. Thanks!

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In August 2011 we had the Decra steel shingle in Canyon Brown installed on our roof. We live in Nebraska on a hill where it's very windy. We are very pleased with the Decra- no more shingles flapping in the wind. They look just like a shingle. We haven't had hail, huge snow load or even measurable rain (we're in a terrible drought) so I can't attest to how well they hold up under extreme conditions, but there are several households & businesses in our area who are using them. They were definitely more expensive than asphalt shingles but our old shingles were part of the Certainteed class action lawsuit and we didn't want to go with asphalt again. My husband says it's harder to walk on the roof because there's a slight cushion to them.

Has the contractor doing the work installed them before? we did see one instance where a contractor seemed to have "waves" in the panels because of the way they were installed, so check out the contractors work beforehand.

This is the only picture I have - it was taken last May, about the last time we had rain (hence the green lawn). Oh my - if you saw it now :(

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Debbi Branka

Thank you so much! Canyon Brown is exactly what we're ordering. We wondered about walking on the roof. I'm so glad you posted a picture! Yes, our contractor only installs Decra - they don't do any other kind or brand of roof. So they are supposed to be very experienced in this. We only looked at 1 other house he did and it looked fine (look normal). What are the 2 round things on top of your roof? We were told they would use all ridge vents and plug up our square vents (forgot what they're called). Yours look like fents to me. Thanks again!

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The two round things are Velux sun tunnels. we had those installed several years ago when we had the asphalt shingles. Our house faces the southwest so they capture the most sun that way. The contractor modified around the Sun Tunnels so that we could keep them. Our vents are on the back side of the house. FYI, we removed all the old shingles at the time of install since they were curling so bad.

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Debbi Branka

We went with the Decra stone coated steel roof in Canyon Brown. Installation starts today. We're supposed to have rain 3 out of 5 business days this week. Hopefully they can get it all done!

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Debbi Branka

Here is the back completed. We are very pleased with the roof. Hopefully it lasts the full 50 years it is warrantied for!

I apologize; I can't get it to flip upright.

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Debbi Branka

Here is a front view while they were still working, but you can see part of it finished.

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