Just thought you ought to know......

gurley157fsJanuary 2, 2006

Hi guys, I have been lurking here for quite some time. I have to fess up right now - up front - I'm not single.

I am married, my second marraige, and just celebrated my 3rd anniversary on New Years Eve. We are very happy. My first marraige was 20 years of 'what a loser'. Him, because he was a loser and a lier, and me because I stayed with him that long.

Why am I telling you this?

I just wanted you to know that you guys are WAY more interesting than everyone on the marraige forum. All they do is whine. No cheese. Just whine.

On the other hand, here on the singles forum you talk about my favorite food group, coffee, you support each other, and just in general sound like a bunch of very independant people who are not willing give up your true identity just to please a partner.

Dating sucks - I remember too well - but please do remember that you are really cool people just as you are.

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If you were truly happy....would you be reading the singles page? No offense intended....just wonder why someone that is happy is looking to see what is going on elsewhere. Kudos to you!



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None taken. I frequent several of the gardening forums and really enjoy them. Sooo... I started looking around for forums that my best friend would enjoy. She does not garden but there are other forums that might suit her, plus she is single.
I keep hoping that she might meet someone in places other than bars because she is such an outgoing person with so many other interests. I have sent her this link several times and told her that you guys seem pretty interesting. I don't know if she has checked it out yet or not.

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Hi, gurley!
& welcome!

(I don't think of this forum as a "singles page" that married people shouldn't frequent.)

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C'mon guys, you know you've snuck over to the marriage forum a couple of times just to check out the grass. I've heard it's kind of crabby at times. :-)

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