Are you an 'Yah, but.' or a 'Ah, but'?

budsterMarch 23, 2009

Ran into this the other day when out shopping with a friend. I spied at a local discount store some packages of colored leaves - think floral vines minus the stem part and you will have what I mean - these are multi colored in lovely green, russet and yellow hues - fall/October... get the picture? I took one look and gathered a package of each color in my hot little hand. My friend inquired whatever was I going to do with those....when I spied them I thought....wonderful to use for applique on some totebags, around the edge accent of a sweatshirt I am going to cut apart and make into a non-button type jacket - then I pictured toggle closings with a toggle sewn on top of the leaf...Ok maybe that one isn't clear but I can see it, then a small wall quilt with a yellow garden basket and a bunch of these leaves piled in the top.....then I thought table runner.....with a narrow green stem joining all these leaves twined around the edge......when I started to imagine all these things my friends only reply to each idea was a "Yah but they are only for flower arrangements".....and I keep seeing other things. She said they'd never wash...(they did)...might run...didn't but I could see a spray of color adding to the effect of each leaf especially on the runner. No, she couldn't put me off and I then got to thinking when I got home, how many of us are "Ah but" people vice "Yah, but" people. We sew to create and we create to be indivdual. No me, I'm an "Ah but" for certain. How about you?

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Add me to the "Ahhhhh...but" group.

I get so discouraged when someone is offered ideas, solutions, or suggestions (for something they complained about or asked for) and they immediately spout 27 reasons the idea simply won't work for them.

I'm so glad I learned to think outside the box.

Enjoy your leaves...they sound like a great find!

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As you have probably figured out, I am definitely in the "ah" category.

But here comes the 'but"....

Once I am done thinking outside the box, my box usually collapses! That is, my creative changes/ideas typically fail because I lack the experience to compensate for this or that. Hopefully time and practice will change that!

So I am: "Ah! [insert creativity here] But....but....but...ARRRRRRRRRRGH!"


francy (still trying to finish knitting one sweater and one sock so I can attempt to sew a top that has--EEK--darts and gathers and sleeves OH MY!)

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Good & interesting points - & depending on the situation, I feel like a little of both!

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My mother put many a flower petal on a garment.

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