Short bar overhang

newberrieJuly 26, 2014

We are moving into a house with a "bar" that sticks out into the living room from the kitchen. But the "bar" has a VERY short overhang... maybe about 6". DH thinks it will work as a bar with bar stools. I think it would look somewhat ridiculous, but don't have any idea of how else to use the space. What do you recommend?

(I don't know how to attach my own pictures, but found a photo with a similar set-up, except ours is closed off on both ends to make it more like a window between ther rooms.)

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Generally, the recommended overhang when you want to use bar stools is 12" - 15".

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Fori is not pleased

This sounds more like a bar for a foot rail, or a "bar" meant to afford the kitchen a little privacy and be a room divider.

I think you're right and that stools might be weird. Even if they LOOKED good, they probably wouldn't be comfortable for eating. They'd be an okay place to sit and grab a drink while facing the living room, though. Maybe.

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How long is it, how deep is it and is it raised as the picture you posted shows?

The picture you posted shows bar chairs completely out of scale to the size of the overhang.

If you wanted to use it where people could just prop and chat with a glass of wine with appies then you can get very narrow wooden stools that might fit the scale better.

For example - those that are in the top 2or 3 rows of this site.

Here is a link that might be useful: saddle back stools

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Can you put a shelf/overhang below your bar overhang that comes out farther and use lower stools or even a chair to sit at? Maybe with small corbels to hold it up in place..

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The narrow, rectangular stools may work. I'll have to look around for some. If I decided to forego the stools altogether, would it make sense to put a narrow sofa table or something along that wall under the "bar", or would it look better to leave it blank space?

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If by "narrow rectangular stools" you're referring to the saddle stools in the link, just letting you know I have two of the Pottery Barn version (sitting on one right now) and they are incredibly comfortable. We ve had them for nearly 10 years. We don't eat meals sitting in them, but they're great for "perching" - reading the paper, hanging out at that island, that kind of thing. That said, we had them in our previous home and almost no one ever sat in them when we had people over - they always stood around the island.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I have provided a link below to a bar we had built with a lot of loud discussions between me and DH! LOUD!

He wanted 6" I wanted 12" We compromised at 8 1/2"

Sigh. His entire life was working with a publicly held builder, so he didn't want anything obstructing the walking areas, but girls just want to have fun... entertain, you know?

The compromise works. Everyone who sits at this bar loves it. Many compromises. Not sure if there would be room for plates and drinks with a 6" overhang on ours. The entire top, excluding the finished edge is 14"

You can see the whole drama at the link. Start at the bottom and work up. Pinterest is weird that way.


Here is a link that might be useful: Our Home Pub

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