Hail repair..good deal or scam?

weedyacresSeptember 29, 2011

Posting on behalf of my sister, who got hit by Irene:

I just met with a storm chaser, who thinks he can get my siding, roof, and gutters replaced by insurance claim. I'm still checking the company out, but they seem to be legit.

I really can't see any cons. I would be trading my aluminum siding for vinyl. They use Liberty Elite Mastic siding. They use GAF ELK Timberline shingles (30 year architectural shingles, 20 year labor warranty, 50 year materials warranty). They have BBB A+ rating. It is MidAtlantic construction.

They even cover your deductible by "paying" you for advertising by sticking a sign in your front lawn. :-)

Thoughts? Experiences? Roof and gutters were old before the storm.

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Hmmm....not so sure I would fall for a storm chaser. Sounds like a fly-by-nighter.

Best would be for your sister to choose a repair place locally that has been in business several years and has a good reputation.

They say anything that sounds too good to be true usually does not end that way.

Don't forget, storm chasers prey on women.

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No way would I use a storm chaser!

They specialize in smooth sales pitches and presentations.

Their second specialty is absconding with down payments or worse---full pre-payments.

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