I purchased a sewing machine -Thanks for your inspiration!

jejvtrMarch 20, 2007

I have been pricing custom roman shades ..... reading here & on sewing, many trips to fabric stores (still looking for that Boussac or substitute!)

Well kit Romans - 5 would be minimum of $400 not including face fabric and the price goes up from there.....

I haven't sewn in yrs and was never an "accomplished" sewer but, I thought gee how hard can this be - Then given all the creative types here & seeing how handy many of you are - I decided to purchase a machine.

Tried for used, looked and tried out new - well - back to the local shop today - Nice gentleman that owns the place, has been there for yrs - is quite accomplished (a lot of designer traffic in/out) - repairs machines, makes custom treatments etc.., even makes custom furnishings - His Dad was also in the business

So, I purchased a Janome Sew Precise $399 - all the lessons I want! Will not let the machine leave the store w/o a lesson. AND>..... If I want to trade up w/in first 12 mos of purchase - I can at full value -

Wish me luck!

I'll start out with some pillow covers and go from there

Thanks for all your inspirations - I'm getting in touch with my creative side.. shhhh dh doesn't know yet

Here is a link that might be useful: janome machine

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The wonderful support you are getting from your sewing machine dealer is exactly why I encourage people looking for a sewing machine to talk to a dealer as part of their shopping search.

Sounds like he can be a valuable resource for you as you tackle various home dec projects.

Pillow covers is a great first project.

Have fun!


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And how nice a machine is that! You did a great job researching and deciding what would work best for you and your sewing needs. Your dealer sounds like a perfect match and will be a great resource for you. Ah I should warn you once you awake your creative side a monster will appear and there will be nothing stopping you! You will have some problems and things won't always turn out PERFECT but with everything you make you will be adding to your store of sewing knowledge. Good luck on your journey, be patient, start small, learn your machine and have FUN ....... you will be expert in no time. Budster

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You will love your Janome!
My sewing instructor owns nothing but Janome machines and they have served her well.
I have a Janome sewing machine, low end computerized one, and it it very nice......I just bought a new Janome serger. It isn't a very fancy one....no cover stitch, etc. but Mary Jo says it is a workhorse.
I am glad you will be getting lessons and local service.
Congratulations on your wise choice.

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