Adjusting Spring Loaded Hinges

billy3pSeptember 25, 2013

I have a garage entry door with spring loaded hinges that currently closes too hard. The door has three hinges with the top and bottom being spring loaded. What is the correct way to reduce the tension so the door does not slam shut?



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These type of hinges are installed as a requirement to meet the fire separation requirements Another method is to install a closing device, similar to those found on screen doors, just a little heavier duty,

If the hinge has a collar with holes and a stop pin, with the door closed, you insert a nail set or other device into a vacant hole and rotate the collar, remove and replace the pin into another hole, unloading the spring tension.
Do this on one hinge at a time.

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Here is a picture of the hinge I need to adjust. I think I will have to remove the pin seen on the side first and then turn the barell using a allen wrench until I can reinsert the pin into the next hole to release the tension. If correct, which way do I turn the barrel to release the tension. The adjustment set where the allen wrench will go is located on the bottom of both hinges I need to adjust

thanks again

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DO NOT pull the pin first.
Insert the allen so that the long leg of the allen is as near to the door, without touching the door, as it will naturally fit.With allen inserted, push it toward the door, remove the pin, insert the pin into the next hole in the direction of the door and slowly rotate the allen away from the door until the pin again engages. Remove the allen and try the door. If it still need adjusting, adjust the other hinge.

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