Where can I find this?

aok27502March 11, 2009

My friend has a motorcycle with soft leather saddlebags. Currently, the top folds over and closes with Velcro,but he says that they don't stay closed very well, and if there isn't much in the bag, it's hard to push the two pieces of Velcro together. He'd like a different closure.

I know exactly what I am picturing. It would be a small strap, perhaps 1" wide and 4" long, that looks like a little miniature belt. The end with the holes would attach to the lid of the bag, and the end with the buckle would attach to the body of the bag.

I've looked on all sorts of notions sites, but I can't find anything this small. I could construct some, I guess, but I'd like it to look a little more professional than what I could put together. Do you have any idea where to look for something like this?

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does Tandy Leather still exist? If so you could probably find everything you need there....What about a shoe repair place? perhaps they would sell you what you need.


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I looked at Tandy, but I didn't see anything. I've also looked for hat band buckles, boot buckles, purse making supplies and lots of other stuff.

I haven't tried a shoe repair place, he just asked me about it this morning. Good idea!

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Try the two part plastic "clips", as on a fanny pack if you can't find buckles. You should find those at any fabric shop. I just looked at Tandy Leather and found 1" buckles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here.

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I was hoping for a more finished look, like maybe a small (tiny) belt with the whatchacallits around the holes in metal . Geez, I'm not describing this well. Anyway, I guess the upshot is I was hoping to make it look like it was manufactured with the straps and buckles, with a wee little bit of bling. :) But we searched and searched last night and can't come up with anything, so I guess I'm back to buying the buckles and making do. I have some scrap leather, so it'll be easy enough to do, just not as professional looking.

Thanks for the ideas.

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FYI - the "whatchacallits" around the holes are eyelets. You can get them and the tools for installing them at JoAnn Fabrics.


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Thanks Donna! I couldn't come up with that word to save my life! I actually think I have some in my stash of stuff.

Alternatively, the friend who owns the bike came up with a potentially great idea ~ doggy collars! Wee tiny little black leather studded dog collars for wee tiny little studly dogs. :) That is my next pursuit, before I decide to make them myself.

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Another possibility is to check out people who do saddlery repairs. Something like this would be very easy for them to make for you.

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I'll add that to the list of possibilities. Several of our neighbors are horse people, I'm sure someone would know where to go for that. Thanks!

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