defective bobbins

sheba2892March 14, 2010

decided to buy new bobbins for my singer 6268. I spent all day trying to fix the bobbin case It sewed great but when it came time to remove the fabric the bobbin thread would not pull out, it simply broke off every time. After remembering I had just purchased bobbins at Joann I decided to wind up an old bobbin. Couldn't believe the new bobbins were defective! They have a small metal center the sits in the center of the bobbin. It is extremely hard to detect this flaw. I'm just writing this to aware someone having trouble with their bobbin thread to check out the bobbins if newly purchased. These bobbins are singer Centaur ll bobbins. They are 2 to a pack. It might save a service call. Thanks for all your posts

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I used to have a 6235(I miss it dearly)and also used the Centaur II bobbins. I do remember having to toss one, and I hated to do it because they were expensive(for bobbins), but they all worked except for that one. I think it had to do with the spring. Sometimes a bad one gets through QC. I had more problems with thread winding underneath the bobbins. That usually happened when lint would build up under the bobbin case over time. If I could get myself to clean on a regular basis, it wouldn't happen. I have to say again, I really miss that machine!

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