Window Well Covers

haldsSeptember 19, 2005

I am having trouble finding a good product to shield/cover basement window wells.

The clear plastic covers sold at HI Stores are a complete waste of money. They break with slightest stress, especially in winter.

Does anyone have ideas for making something that would pass the "it has to look nice" test from DW? Or point me to a good product?



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I got mine at Home Depot.
They are light blue hard plastic - they have lasted for 2 years and are in ok shape still.
They have a slight slant and are fan shaped to insure the water runs off and away from the window well.

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I bought mine from an iron worker who stuck a flyer in my mailbox looking to make a little money on the side. My basements windows have drains in them so I could go this route. If you don't have drains this might be bad.

I wanted air in the basement if I opened the windows, didn't want kids to fall in and you can only rescue so many frogs and mice that fall in before you want to give them a home. LOL The real biggie for me, what if my Grandson or neighbor kid tripped, plastic wouldn't save them.

For $75.00 per window, I have a grate over my window wells that will withstand 250 pounds of weight and I get air and light in my basement. It also locks from the inside of the window well with short rods you pull out in case of emergency exit. It can't be opened with a coat hanger and I was given a big discount on my HO insurance.

All I have to worry about is the same as if I had no cover. A snow storm, and the snow might build up and break the window. We didn't have to worry last winter but who knows about the one coming, for me it is easy to fix if a big storm comes. A piece of cardboard that doesn't have to cover it all and something to keep it from blowing away. A gallon milk bottle filled with water would do the trick.
Maintenance is no different than a wrought iron railing. If it starts to rust, take a wire brush to it and repaint.

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We experienced a similar problem when we had our old rusted out wells replaced a couple years ago-- nothing but flimsy, ill-fitting cheapies at the big box and hardware stores. We found a company online who makes super heavy duty covers custom sized and shaped for your specific window wells. They're not cheap, but I'm pretty sure they'll last longer than you or I will! You can find Dilworth Mfg. at:

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Thanks Mike,

That looks like it would fit the bill. Most of the heavy duty covers I found on-line are flat and work well only if the window is totally below grade. this company seems to make covers for partially submerged windows, which is what I need.
Can you give me a ball park estimate of the cost say the typical 36 inch wide basement window? before I go to the trouble of asking them for an estimate...


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If memory serves me correctly (and at my age that's sometimes an issue!), I think we paid around $100 for each one. Like I said, they're not cheap, but they fit perfectly, are actually attractive and are built to last. In past homes, I think I replaced the $15-20 cheap ones around once every 2-3 years!

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Thanks for the source, Mike. We have only one well, at the basement "escape" window. Glad to know I'm not the only one rescuing toads! I find the light bulb changer on a pole is great for doing that; they crawl right into the spring mechanism and can be lifted out and relocated.

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Mike in KC I am so glad I read this post. Our termite inspector told me to cover up the well that leads to the opening for the crawl space under our house because of the sprinklers. I have been racking my brains and I think I have discovered the answer. I am going to take pictures and send them to Dilworth Mfg. Co. Thanks

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Mike ~ Many thank yous for posting the url link. I have been looking for window covers that can accommodate my situation. The ones sold @ HD & Lowe's are of poor quality, ill-fitting and a waste of money. Each Spring, I always end up replacing mine....(cracked)...they never survive the Winters!

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Anderson Covers hold up to 300 pounds. Made of steel, dipped in poly

Here is a link that might be useful: Anderson Window Well Covers

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I was having a similar problem up in Canada. Home Depot had nothing but those cheap plastic ones that cracked up every year after winter. Went to Rona last year and they carried a strong polycarbonate and aluminum cover - was way cheaper than the custom ones you guys are talking about and seems to be just as strong as I can stand on it. Working great for me. I'm thinking about having a custom one made up for my backyard concrete window well. I'm sticking a link to the manufacturer

Here is a link that might be useful: Window well cover website

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