Well THAT was a chore!

jomuirMarch 26, 2013

But it was worth it. I posted a few months ago for help on spacing rings for drapes. I ended up using a space of approx. 3" and 7" 'pleats' & they came out great. I used a heavy faux suede, lined w/ Rain no stain lining. They were really heavy-so heavy, I couldn't table them at home on a smaller table like I usually do. Instead, I took them to work where I was able to push a bunch of conference tables together & tabled them there, also used post-it notes (which were exact size of the rings which hadn't arrived yet) to set the spaces while they were flat. I also took my sewing machine & sewed the hems there, it was so much easier to work on a large surface with such a heavy project.

But I ran into trouble once the rings arrived-they are plastic & wouldn't go through the suede! I nearly gave up on the whole project & was really upset with myself for starting production before all the hardware was in. I finally came up the idea to cut TWO holes for the rings-one smaller hole in the lining fabric that the rings could catch onto, and a larger hole on the suede that the teeth didn't catch, since they wouldn't go through. It worked great. I slid a cutting mat in between the layers, and one under the drapes. Used a regular Exacto knife to cut the holes w/a template I made up.

I love the look of the rings & rod, they're a nice quality & different from what I usually have made, pinch pleats or shades. The room is much warmer, and our dogs have been barking a lot less, they can't see out as easily as before w/the more sheer drapes I had up last. Also, I should be able to reuse the rings in the future, as long as IâÂÂm careful removing them. And next time, IâÂÂll be using a woven fabric that the rings can go through easily! I know it's been a while since I began but I wanted to say thanks to all who gave me good advice & ideas for my project.

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They came out beautiful!!
I am so inspired by your post and pictures...makes me want to try grommet drapery.

That was a great idea you had of taking everything to work and pushing the tables together. What is Rain no stain lining?

I love your solution of cutting 2 holes (lining smaller diameter) so that the grommet teeth would catch and hold. Also good to know you used and exacto knife. This post with your pictures will be very valuable to anyone thinking about making grommet drapery.
Have you posted this on the GW Home Decor forum? People over there would really like to see this and they may not even be aware there is a GW Sewing forum.

I can imagine that lined suede adds a lot of warmth to your room....visual warmth as well as insulation.

Thanks for this follow up post and for the very helpful information and descriptions!


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You did a beautiful job....you should be very proud of yourself! As we are of you!! You just kept on "hanging in there" and had great success. Congratulations on your lovely creation.

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thanks, I'm blushing. They did come out nicely. I really like the color of the suede & the silver rings too. But boy I really did almost give up. If they hadn't been special order rings I may have thrown in the towel. The fabric was so inexpensive ($3/yard!), it made up for the rings, which were $80 =s/h. Rod was only about $40.

Laurie, Rain no stain is a Roclon brand lining, it's as the name suggests, if the window is open & they get wet, they don't show a big water stain. A nice quality retail lining, Joann/Hancock carry I'm sure. A hundred yrs ago when I worked for a drapery workroom, it's the lining we used a lot too.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Well done and well worth the effort!

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Wow! How inspiring. They look fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I have been wanting to try using grommets for a while, but I have been to nervous to try anything at all up until today.
Would you mind telling me where you ordered your grommets?
Best Regards

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Like Lesyeuxbleu posted above ...

Where did you get the grommets?

Amazing work -- beautiful result -- very impressive and thanks for posting the details and the photos. I am DEFINITELY gonna try this! Thank you Jomuir!

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thanks guys (gals). I got the grommets from a place called junkjeanspeople.com. I attended a seminar of the grommets at the sewing expo in Novi, Mich last year. She (Luveta Nichols) mostly sells smaller grommets for clothing, and mentioned her vendor in France makes them for deco but she gets the smaller sizes for fashion, and can special order larger sizes. She was wonderful to order from.

The grommets are excellent quality plastic, it took a month to get them, as they came from overseas/France. IIRC they were avail. in round as well, and other colors. Please be sure to post if you end up using them, too!

Here is a link that might be useful: junk jeans

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