Roof repair -- fair price?

vashts85September 30, 2013

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting here and I am hoping to get some feedback on a quote for some roofing repairs I plan to have done.

Anyways, some background information: my house is a semi-detached townhouse with an angled bitumen roof. It was built around the 1920s and the roof is in good shape with about 7-10 years left on it. There is a small front dormer shingle roof in the front.

The repairs that are needed are:
1. Re-attach and angle gutters (they are not angled properly and the nail are coming loose). Hidden hangers to be used.
2. New straps for downspouts (straps are broken).
3. Repair flashing damage with Vulkem roof sealant
4. Scrape, paint, and seal rust damage on the parapet metal flashings
5. Re-seal all of the windows with caulk (we have about 26 of them)

I live in the Washington DC area so we are getting ready for winter. All of this was quoted to me at $1100. I had another quote at a similar price and one other at nearly twice the value (I believe this roofer wanted to replace the rubber instead of simply sealing it the cracks).

Since I plan on having the roof placed in about 7-8 years, I figured this was the way to go. The questions I have are:

1. Does this seem like a fair price for this work?
2. For the metal flashing around the parapets, does this seem like a good strategy?
3. Is this Vulkem stuff good and will it hold up over the years?

Thanks for replying and let me know if I can clarify anything!

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As much as I would like to give a meaningful answer,it just isn't possible. The roof is comercial spec and requires very specialized material and methods. The best advice I can offer is make sure the contractor specializes in commercial roofing. Bitumen roofing is expensive and has longer life compared to residential roofing. A reputial commercial roofer should offer referances of companies they are contracted to for maintainance. Vulkem comes in many types. The main benifit is flexibility rather than longivity on structrial joints that move or flex. Just make sure you are dealing with a good commercial roofer and don't try telling them how it's done. $1100 is very reasonable for all you named if it is done right,but can cause $5k worth of problems if improperly done.

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Sounds awfully cheap to me. And, it also sounds like you should explore that roof replacement NOW, rather than waiting 5 years. If you're starting to have problems, the dollars start to mount up when doing stopgaps. I wouldn't expect the current issue to be the last one until replacement happens. All of the dollars spent on repair could go towards replacement and a lot more peace of mind.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

To quote the inspection report regarding the materials of the roof: Modified bitumen. A bituminous membrane modified with plastics to form rolls. 20 year material if the seams are done correctly.

I don't remember the home inspector saying it was a commercial roof.....

I am not having any problems with the roof either -- no leaks or anything like that. Just wanted to follow the inspection report and do some maintenance work before I go through and replace it all.

Does that information help or change anyone's opinions at all? I've included a picture of the roof if that is helpfu.

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Also, none of the contractors have suggested I get a new roof. They've all stated I have about 7-8 more years left on it.

To clarify, my big question really is:

Is the work proposed is an appropriate response to the condition of the roof versus the more expensive quote (~$2500) that called to place new rubber on the damaged areas of the roof?

I've also added more pictures here.

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More pics.

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More pics.

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Last picture (gutters).

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Sophie Wheeler

That looks like a replacement needed to me instead of a patch. If you were looking to replace in a few years, maybe patch. With you looking to get 7-8 years out of it, replace the rubber.

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@hollysprings: just curious why you think a repair is warranted when all 3 roofing companies that came out told me I did not need to get the roof replaced. I would imagine they would want the extra money, but perhaps you are noticing something they didn't?

Thanks for replying!

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vashts85 , You said "Thanks for replying and let me know if I can clarify anything!"
Where is the "RUBBER" and what perpouse does it serve?
I have never seen rubber used in conjuction with Modified Bitumen roofing. As a matter of fact, the asphaltic materials that largely make up the membrane and sealants used on seams and penitrations will quickly destroy rubber if they come in contact.
Hollysprings , Where are you seeing RUBBER in need of replacement?
Vashts85 , You need to call one of the manufactures of Modified Bitumen materials (there are many and all have exelent product repersentives) and (A) ask about useing rubber products in conjunction with thier roofing and (B) what % of thier Bitumen roofing is used on residential buildings. Based on the answers,you can either continue to consider the contractor perposing to replace the rubber in hopes that thier higher price suggests higher quility work. You should also continue asking on homeowner diy type forums and disregard what I have told you. OR,take Klems advice and work with commercial roofers and seek consumer information from manufactures. Most important,realize that people adviseing you to replace your roof eventhough roofers don't think it nessary,are not fully engaged but just intertaining themselves on the net.
To clearify,the ONLY things that requires taking the roof into consideration is the gutter fasteners and parapat wall flashing. My statment in my origional response about cost of possiable damge exceeding cost of repair,is only because of those 2 items.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Anthony Campagna Construction

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@ Danieldd : thanks for the advertising, but these people are in NJ and I am in Washington DC.

@klem1: I may have mispoken when I said replace the rubber -- I think he just meant he'd replace the bitumen material.

Right now I think I will go with the roofing estimate I have. I've been up there and it seems like what they want to do is what I would expect and what the home inspector told me. I just really wanted to know if the price looked good and if it seemed like sufficient maintenance given the roof's condition and our expectation for its longevity.

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Joseph Corlett, LLC

When potential customers specify what, they go on double secret probation with me. You don't tell your dentist what to cap or fill your tooth with. You don't tell me which products to use to fix your problem. Or why, or how. You can have when and where.

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"I live in the Washington DC area so we are getting ready for winter"

Don't think the price will be very competitive for your boy to come from Australia for a roof repair John Wayne, lmao.......

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