Removing attached granite table

dreamhouse1September 16, 2010

My island is granite, attached to one end is also a granite table. The table top is a seperate piece of granite and is raised by about four inches. The two pieces are held together by a piece of granite about 4"x2' (kind of looks like a piece of backsplash transitioning between island and table) that looks to be siliconed or glued all the way around. I guess this was added for stability...and unfortunately 'immobility'. The table is supported by an iron base.

How can I remove this piece that is securing the table? I would like to remove the table altogether or at least have the option to do so.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks is advance.

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Is there a clear seam on the joints between the island surface and the transition piece and again between the transition piece and the table slab? can you get to both sides of the transition piece? Perhaps you can get a piece of piano wire (or a guitar string, picture wire, etc.) and use it like a saw to run down one of the joints and break the bond holding the transition piece on one side. Then you could move the two slab surfaces (the island and the table)apart.

How thick is the transition piece connecting the two? If you run a single edged razor blade at the joint and keep going in a little deeper with each pass, maybe you can separate them that way.

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The transition piece is less than an inch. I'll try the razor blade first and see how much damage I can do. Do you think I will need to have it (the island) polished after I remove the transition piece? Not sure what residue will be left. Thanks for your help.

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most likely. If it was fabricated that way and they used an adhesive, I suspect they would have roughened the surface to promote adhesion, as it is more difficult to adhere to a non-porous polished surface.

If you're going to call someone to polish it, you may just want to have them separate it, too.

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If the "glue" is hard they may have used a 2 part epoxy and you may want to call in a professional to cut it apart.

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