Blocking a Sub-Floor

tomdxSeptember 8, 2010

I'm doing some reinforcing to my living room floor prior to installation of hardwood. I'm blocking using 2x10's placed flush to the underside of the plywood, but a friend of mine insists that I should use 3/4 inch plywood for support and not the 2x10's. The 2x10's are easier to transport and cut... Am I ok using them?



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Better off posting in the flooring forum.

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I'd ask over in remodeling. I'm just a homeowner, but I'd use the 2-by material and joist hangers, or maybe just stagger the blocks and nail them from the other side of the joist. Matter of fact, I have done just that. Never heard of using 3/4" ply for joist blocking.

Are you doing this to reduce bounce? Are you joists twisted?

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