Anyone having trouble with their Singer?!

ErinBethMarch 25, 2014

I have a 60s Touch n Sew and I am not sure if it's me or the machine! It will work angelically for a couple projects and then it turns into this demon machine. I just took it in last December for a timing adjustment. It sewed some curtains and some other scraps perfectly. I used a ruffler foot on it, now I have a suspicion the timing is off again. The bottom stitches just don't look or feel exactly right. Not to mention, it's jamming frequently.

I have an Elna Lotus from the the 70s that I love dearly. I have not had any issues with sewing through any material. I'd like to keep using the Singer because it is bigger and has more function than the Lotus. Plus, it was my grandmothers. She used it everyday. I wish I could ask her if she ever had issues!

Are these Singer models notorious or am I just that bad?

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Make sure you are cleaning the machine regularly - in the entire thread path - and doing the routine oiling. Don't be afraid to take the cover plates off (take pics so you know what goes where) to get the lint out.

Learn to check and adjust the bobbin tension and the upper tension. Bobbin tension almost never needs changing after you get it right as long as you keep using the same weight thread. But it's nice to know how.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video for bobbin tension

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Thanks for the suggestions! I do clean the machine regularly and keep up with the routine oiling exactly as the original manual says. I am pretty meticulous with this machine since it has such sentimental value to me. I have dug around under cover plates and checked both bobbin and upper tension. Nothing seems to keep it running right for very long.

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