Zipper mystery

karynMarch 28, 2014

I have a portable rain suit for golf (Frog Togs) that was working great on Tuesday - the jacket zipped up normally.

We had to play in rain again Thursday and the zipper no longer connects the two sides - it just hooks up and zips up without connecting anything.

There is no visible damage to anything - the apparent misalignment towards the bottom is as far down and the two sides go in the base part.

Any suggestions to fix it - is there any hope to ever make this work again - or is it now just trash?

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If your bottom is properly inserted and the zipper appears to be closing, but then opens again behind the pull tab,...I would suggest having a look at the pull tab to see if it seems to be spread open. I have many times pinched the tab a wee bit at the smaller end to make it close the zipper teeth together. Eventually tho, you might need to replace the zipper entirely. However, if you are careful with your pliers, pinching just a little at a time, and take care when unzipping, it should have quite a good life. Hope this works for you.

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On your advice, I just tried pinching the back end of the pull tab a bit with small pliers and it worked brilliantly! It's a little tight to get the zip started now - but the two sides hook up again which is fantastic. (A little wax, graphite or non-oil lubricant can likely smooth out getting it started.)

I was nearly going to give up - thanks again for the assistance :-)

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!! So I can put my tights and cape away until another day! :-)

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