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LuvspringSeptember 26, 2011


I was wondering if anyone has had excellent results with some type of gutter guard system either DIY or professionally installed. I only want to hear from people that have a gutter system they like and NOT salespeople trying to sell the systems. We live in the woods and have alot of oak trees around us. I've searched old posts but most are older so perhaps there's newer better stuff out there for Fall 2011.

Thank you for any information.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I have used and like the Gutta Gard before. There will in time be some small stuff that 'might' collect in the gutter, but the guards are easy to remove and replace if necessary.

I'm not sure, but you might be able to find it in a big box store.


Here is a link that might be useful: 20' in different colors $24.88

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Consumer Reports had an article a year ago.

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Thank you for the information.

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I have several trees---and gutters on every side of the house. I installed (myself) gutter guards I bought at Home Depot---they are plastic, 4 feet long, slide under the shingles and snap onto the top of the gutters.

There is a diamond pattern AND a plastic mesh over the diamond pattern. That is an additional barrier and one that separates this type from the normal diamond pattern type.

I have had ZERO problems since installing those. I do check the installation once a year, since falling limbs can loosen a section now and then.

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Thank you handymac. I will have to look into that.

I am reading alot of conflicting information how the gutter guards dont work such as: forming large icicles in the winter, failing after time if they are made from plastic, some have overflow problems that keep the soil around the foundation wet, etc. And if they are professionally installed, just plain overpriced and not a great solution. So its hard to decide if something should be done or just left alone. We do have some high sections of the roof that are dangerous to do the routine gutter cleaning.

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We put up the same thing as Handymac. After finding out the prices of the ones installed, we decided it would be cheaper to HIRE someone to come out twice a year to clean them. Money wise we would still be ahead.

Originally just did our experiment over the section that runs over the garage. Tried the foam inserts but they seemed to catch a lot of the small maple spinners and fir needles. However, there is someone in our neighborhood that does have the foam ones and seems to be satisfied. Then someone suggested that they had actually had someone install the ones mentioned by Handymac.

After testing, they seemed to work fine so we went ahead and did the whole house. There are a lot of angles and different runs so it took a lot of boxes. This will be the second winter. They seem to be working fine. Since we have put on the guards we haven't really had much snow or really hot weather. I think the central air has probably been on for a total of a week this year. We have only had snow for a couple days last year. Because of the elevation we do have more wind and snow than the metro area in general.

The reason I'm stating that is because they are plastic they are probably not going to last as long as say the commercial micro metal variety that is available. The contractor that put some up for a friend also used the white ones. His reasoning is they would last longer in the sun. However, we did put up the dark ones. Also don't have any idea how they would hold up if you have large loads of snow/ice on your home.

I do notice the extra leaves that are now on the ground that used to be caught by the gutters.

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Thank you housefairy for that. You brought up a good point about just testing an area first to see how well it does.

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The "ask the builder" website tested several over the years on his own house. You might want to search his site and view the videos.

I would tend to lean toward the micro-mesh screens, except that I'm not sure about water refreezing in cold weather. I would avoid the old diamond mesh that clips on the front of the gutter. Those things are curved and just catch stuff near the edge of the shingles, causing problems (makes excellent compost, though)

I have since adopted a pro-active approach, open a beer and take a blower up on a ladder 3 or 4 times/year, then blow the stuff right out of the gutter. (Note: forget that gizmo that connects to a hose - complete garbage, since you do not want to wet the debris). I've got huge oak trees to deal with, and it's still easy as pie (but this is a cape cod where the gutters are not that high).

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Would it be possible for you to post the model number for the gutter guard?

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I bought this gutter system at costco. It is a trianglular shaped piece of hard sponge, four feet long. it simply sits in the gutter. It was $33 for 32 feet. I installed them on one part of the gutters so I can see how well they perform. It has been 3 months so far but I want to get thru the fall to really se how they perform. IF they do well then I will do the whole house in the spring. For $1 a foot, it is a great deal. If they work. So far, so good.

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I doubt anyone has had "excellent" results. They all make some sort of sacrifice it seems. The better they keep gutters clean, the easier it is for heavy rains to bypass the gaurds.

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We have Leaf-Guard gutters for over 10 years. They really work well. However it is a gutter replacement, not an add on.

We tried some add-on's but found a heavy wind pick some up.

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