Help!Thread keeps bunching up under the plate?

rebecca15March 25, 2008

I am new to sewing. I am having a problem with the thread gathering up under the plate resulting in the machine locking up. I am having to remove the plate to retrieve the thread. Is it a tension problem? Bobbin Problem? What is the point of the bobbin thread? Thanks for the help!


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Make sure your bobbin is threaded properly along with the top thread. It would help to know which machine you have. Mine has only one way to put the bobbin in so it will work okay, but I have had the thread miss the take up lever and it acted the same way (top thread). Keep trying. Did your machine come with a video or a manual? Consult the machine company and maybe they will help.

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Is it bunching as you first start sewing a seam? Try hold the bobbin thread and the top thread lightly when you first start your seam.

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You ask "What is the point of the bobbin thread?" If you look at how the stitch is made, you'll see that the bobbin and top thread are interconnected, without a bobbin thread, you don't have a stitch. Check out the link below to see how a machine makes the stitch. It's pretty cool.

Are you bringing the bobbin thread to the surface before trying to sew? To do this, manually turn the wheel on the end of the machine so that the needle drops down into the bobbin race, while holding onto the tail of top thread. Bring the needle back up so that it's as high as it will go. Now pull on the tail of the top thread and it should bring up a loop of the bobbin thread. Pull up the loop so that the tail of the bobbin thread is up. As Marion said, you need to hold onto these tails when you start your seam, or the bobbin thread will get pulled down into the bobbin again and cause the snarling that you are having.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sewing machine stitch

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When I have the thread bunching underneath, it is usually the upper tension that needs tweaking. Also, be sure that your needle is the right size and nice and sharp. A dull needle can really gum up the works. Good luck. If all these suggestions don't work, be sure to post back.

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When mine has done that it usually has lint under the bobbin case. Have you cleaned under and around the bobbin?

Just a thought.


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Make sure your bobbin is feeding off in the right direction.

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I have just recently learned this and feel so stupid. When you are threading your machine, make sure the needle and the presser foot are both in the up position. I am betting that would fix your problem.

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I use to have this problem often. [sorry for the simplicity of this answer but it works for me] the needle goes up and down, when it starts it downward motion stop. this should be the position of the needle when you start to sew. hope this helps paula

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Hi - I don't post here very often , but the question caught my attention coz the same thing happened to me last week & it was due to some very cheap, thin thread - the '10 for a dollar' kind you see in bins @ the stores.


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I had it happen because the thread in my bobbin was cheap and fuzzy. the newer threads are smoother and work better. All of the above reasons for bobbin snarling have happened to me. You could also check the bobbin tension if you have that on your machine. It happened to me.

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My thread is also bunching under the bobbin plate. Ive threaded the machine and the bobbin correctly with sturdy thread, presser foot up with a sharp needle in its correct position. Ive dusted, oiled and read the manual. I'm able to bring the bobbin thread up with the main thread to start stitching but if i continue with the hand wheel it gets caught up under the plate, around the moving case that the machine uses to hold the bobbin itself. If i keep going the case gets pulled upwards by the bobbin thread that is still in its groove. i think its time to take it in. i was doing some industrial sewing when this problem began.

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