Shower Door Repair

spinartSeptember 9, 2008

My shower door fell off! It is a corner shower where the door swings out from the two side panels. It has a metal frame. The door was held in place by a top and bottom small L-shaped piece that is screwed into a a long hinge (like a piano hinge?). The top L-piece is gone (looks like the screw was stripped) and I can't seem to find a replacement. Neither the local hardware store or Home Depot carries such a piece. A local glass place that sells and installs shower doors indicated that I would have a difficult time finding such a piece. I really don't want to have to replace the whole glass shower at this time! Any suggestions on where to find my missing piece (and yes I looked all over the bathroom for it!). I've searched some internet sites, but can't seem to find the right thing. Thanks!

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Can you find out who the mfgr is (either from HD or tiny writing somewhere on the frame? Then you could call them and ask for the piece.

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I didn't see anything on the frame, but the glass had a logo that read TomPlus Floral Glass & Mirror. I googled both names and could not find anything under Tom Plus. Found something under Floral glass & Mirror. But all I could tell is that it was probably a business selling shower installations but looks like they may now be out of business. HOWEVER, I tried one last place - local glass & mirror place. They hunted and found a piece very similar to what I need. My brother-in-law is coming over tomorrow to try and fix it and I am keeping my fingers crossed we can do it!

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