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stitcheasy2003March 17, 2007


I have sewn cotton/poly for the front, flannel for the back together for a receiving blanket. Now I will topstitch it. My question is do any of you stitch a line or two in the center to hold the fabrics tog.? What do you do? The cotton/poly seem too thin by itself so I add flannel to it. thank you B.

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Turn it right side out and top stitch it about a half inch all the way around, making sure you turn in the opening you left for turning. It isn't necessary to do any other sewing.

Did you prewash the fabric before you began sewing? This is important because flannel shrinks differnetly than cotton/poly.

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I made a receving quilt with 2 pc of cotton/poly. Embroidered on the front then tacked (some areas say tied) a few places like a quilt before putting the 2 pcs together. Worked really well.

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