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cabindreamer72January 27, 2008

Good Afternnon;

I am new here..I just left my husband on Friday.Right now I am staying in a hotel until I can save some money for an apartment.. I'd like to get a Mobile Home but not sure if I can do that before the divorce is final..

Is there anyother singles in the lower SE area of Wis?


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Welcome to our little corner of the singles world. I am sorry you are facing divorce, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

I am from Missouri. I look forward to your postings here on the singles forum!

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Hi Cabindreamer - welcome!! I'm not in the Wisconsin area, and can't really offer info in that regard, but here, we are from all over and provide shoulders, advice and just plain fun, all the way 'round. Best Wishes for success in your new life. It's tough, but also exciting sometimes too - I've been there. So, again, welcome to the SLF!!


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Welcome Cabindreamer...if you are going thru a divorce, I highly recommend talking to an attorney. I assume you don't have one or he/she would have advised you about acquiring property while the divorce is pending. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts here.

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Hello cabindreamer....tinman is right! Plus, i want you to really give a lot of thought into buying a mobile home before you make that commitment. I'm certainly no better than any of us on this forum, but I speak from experience, and while I realize everyone has their own way of thinking and feeling, and we all have things we like or dont like, AND I know there are a lot of people who are perfectly happy in a mobile home, you have to ask yourself "What is the real reason I am looking at a mobile home." Is it because you feel you can not afford anything else? I truly do not mean to insult anyone out there who does live in a mobile home, please forgive me, that is not my intention. Maybe it's because I too got a mobile home after I left my husband the first time. He actually bought it for me as part of the divorce settlement. I lived there for 2+ years before I went back to my marriage to give it one last try (it did not work, but a mother will do anything for their child and I tried for her sake). The trailor could not sell for what we paid just 2 years before, and even when it is paid off, you will always have to pay rent on the never ever increases in value. Then I left him a second and final time and lived in an apartment for 7 years before I could afford to buy a fixer-upper house.

I know how you are feeling right now, as do many of the women on this forum. (did you have children from this marriage?) Just keep a straight head, try to make the right choices. I dont know what happened in your marriage or why you left, but I can just imagine based on you having to live in a motel right now. It almost sounds like you fled without planning, r maybe you could have been stashing a little money on the side to get you into an apartment. You need to try to get out of that motel as soon as possible or it will suck you dry of any money you have.

You will be ok though. It may not seem like it now, especially if you have a total prick for a husband, but be strong and be smart and you'll survive this. Divorce sux! Good luck, and looking forward to hearing how it's going for you....keep us posted!

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I know what you mean by the mobile home...I grew up in them so I know the low market on them.

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Hey!!...I resemble that remark, Gabriel!...Just kidding, I know they never appreciate. I own my own land, bought a decent one back in 94 for 3500 dollars after a little negotiation because they had a new one coming and had to have it moved. Back to point though, buying right now should not be the focus. If the marriage is over, like was said, get out of the motel. Yeah, the deposits can be high, but motel rates by the week are nothing to sneeze about either...find a friend, relation to live with until you get back on your feet, so you can save money..get an attorney if you are indeed sure that it's over. Filing first is very important, IMO. Hope things are going well for you cabindreamer.

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