Anyone with cracking Owens Corning Oakridge shingles?

susanelewisSeptember 1, 2010

We built 14 years ago and had Owens Corning Oakridge Shadow 40 year laminate shingles installed. The roof is and was gorgeous. However, when we had three Solatubes installed, the installer noticed the entire roof was cracking. The holes he cut out clearly showed cracking all over the shingles. I have since made a warranty claim to OC and we are in the process of submitting materials.

This morning I did some checking online and it seems there is a class-action suit against OC for this exact shingle and a few other lines that are prematurely failing. I am so upset as I cannot afford to pay for even a pro-rated part to the roof with a son in college.

Does anyone else have this problem with their OC roofs?

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We had Oakridge Shadow 30 yr. put on 11 years ago. I did notice losing lots of granules early. I am going to have the roof checked after some research after reading your post. I will keep you posted. I read if you cash any check that Owens Corning might offer you, it would keep you from any settlement claims in the future.

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We sent the picture below to OC and they agreed we had a valid claim. We mailed the section of the roof and a whole bunch of information and photos to them Friday. This roof will cost $12-$15k to replace and no way I will get stuck with the bulk of it when we only got a third of the expected life from it.

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Well, we just received a pathetic settlement check in the mail that we have no intentions of cashing. We are getting an estimate on replace about 40 squares of shingles including tear off but I can only imagine that we are talking 12k at least. And their check was a bit over 3k. No way.

Has anyone been involved in a roofing warranty claim? There is a class action suit against OC regarding these very shingles but that could drag on forever. I have left vm for the lawyer in Washington DC handling the suit plus I am completely willing to contact consumer advocates on every major tv channel in Detroit and Toledo.

It would be nice to know that they always make a lowball offer hoping the person will accept it but there is more money to be negotiated.

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Roofing warranties are usually prorated over time and only for the material not the installation so they only offer a small payoff in the early years and even less in later years.

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I have no problems with proration. The problem is that they give you $$ based on 14 year old costs...not what you have to spend today. Like I have a time machine to go back and buy shingles with yesterday's prices. Completely a crock. They are basically telling me that 40 squares 14 years ago only cost $5000 to install 40 squares. That is impossible. Materials may have doubled but not the install.

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The install labor is never part of a warranty. The materials are warrantied, and if found to be defective, they are refunded at a pro rated amount. You had 35% of the expected wear life, therefore you are being refunded for the 65% remainder of the wear life that did not occur. Yes, the costs are based on the purchased price, not the replacement price. THe check you received was accurate based on the warranty that they gave you. You are free to seek redress with a lawyer or in any other way, but unfortunately it will end up costing you your settlement check plus a lot more. You might have better luck talking with OC directly about simply giving you new shingles, but since that isn't part of the warranty, it's a crap shoot. Talking to a lawyer wouldn't even get you that, as they'd cease all communication directly with you.

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Live_wire, your generalization about labor is wrong.

I quote from the letter sent by OC to me:

Pursuant to the terms stated in Owens Corning's Limited Warranty on Roofing Shingles, the settlement which are are entitled to is based on the pro-rated comparable cost of the original shingles and labor to install 39 squares.

I am working with the company that sold me the materials and they are going to talk on my behalf to OC for a request for additional funds. There is no way that it only cost that little even 14 years ago.

Have you ever been put in this situation where you buy something with a 40 year expected life (we realistically expected 30) and got a third of it and then had to pay $7k out of pocket during a down economy when you don't have funds to pull out of your rear to spend on a roof?

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We have Oakridge II shingles that are constantly blowing off during storms. Our house is only 11 years old and we have had 2 different roofing companies tell us that the shingles are falling apart. I've just started looking into taking action. Where do I start? We are the original owners and someone told me I need to start with the company that put our roof on.

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You will have to file a warranty claim with Owens Corning. They have an online form on their website. They then send you a package that tells you how to complete the warranty process. It's good you are the original owners because at that time their warranty only covered that. You will also need backup documents, pictures, etc.

Our shingles were not coming off the roof. They were simply cracking so it was a manufacturing defect. We settled with Owens after some back and forth and we are comfortable that it is in excess from what a class action suit would have given us (I also talked to the attorney handling the lawsuit on these shingles).

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I developed a leak in my downstairs ceiling only to find out by a home repairman that my 40 year oakridge owens corning shingles are cracking and I need a new roof. This roof is only 6 years old, we built this house new in 2005.I started searching for a recall on the shingles and found this site. Could anyone tell me the process once you fill out the form on owens corning website. Do you need your original receipt for the shingles and so on. Any help is much appreciated. Seems like this is going to be a very expensive experience.

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The process is relatively simple. You go online to their site and fill out a warranty form. There are definite proofs that you need, including proof that you built the house (we provided a copy of our building contract). I also went back to the original place that we got the shingles (through the builder) and they wrote out a letter that verified that we bought them from there and that we upgraded to 40 year Oakridge Shadow.

It will be an expensive experience because OC will not offer you much compared to the expense you will incur. You have two options. You can join the class action suit (sorry I no longer have that information but a google search should get you that) or you can settle with OC directly. When talking to the attorney who is handling the current lawsuit on these shingles, it was clear that the track record for recovery per complainant was relatively low dollars. So after a bit of back and forth, OC settled with us for more than we figure a class action suit would have brought us.

Good luck with the process. OC is actually pretty easy to deal with. We are close to replacing our roof as well and I can tell you that we'll get a far better warranty next time around.

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Could you tell me if they prorate the refund off of the price you originally paid for the shingles. I was checking the wedsite and they dont make the color of our shingles anymore.

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We just had a severe wind storm here in Indiana and we experience a small amount of roof damage due to a fallen tree. During the Insurance Adjuster inspection along with the builder, it was determine that the granules on the 14 year old Oakridge 30 year Shingles were practically vanished.
The shingles has silver streaks all over them which indicate missing granules. Please let me know your results of the warranty claim and I will submit mine with the help of the builder this week. I will keep you posted.


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I just discovered cracked shingles on Owens Corning Oakridge 40 year roof installed in 2000. I noticed most of these postings are from over a year ago. What kind of settlements are you getting? Any update on the class action suit? Will be filing claim with OC soon and would like an idea of what to expect (so I know how loud to cry).

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