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mongotoMay 5, 2007

Hi, I want to crop someones head and shoulders and clone them into a family photo, anyone have any idea how I can do this and what program I need?

TIA mongoto

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I think most photo editing programs will do this. I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 and it is an easy task.

You use the Edge Finder tool to cut around the subject, copy, then paste it into the picture you want. It helps to soften the edge of the item so it blends in. You can also adjust the brightness and hue of the subject so it looks more natural in the picture.

DIS (Digital Image Suite) is quite easy to use. I find it much easier to start with than some other programs.

I bought my software on eBay for about $30/with shipping. I think it is available at Staples also - and with a rebate it was nearly free. Not sure if that deal is still availble.

DIS has some great video tutorials with it - and one of the tutorials is adding a person/object to a different picture!

Here is a quick example I made for you. I cut the lighter pink flower from the first picture. I pasted it into the second picture, softened the edge slightly (to 2) so it didn't have a harsh "cut out" look. Then I added a drop shadow - as the other flowers had a shadow to them already.

It is very quick to do once you practice a little.

Let me know if this was helpful, or if you are looking for something else.


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