Learning to sew

megheraMarch 18, 2010

I am teaching myself the art, as there aren't many people in my world that sew. It seems to be a dying art.

I have just bought all the fabric and notations I need for this project.

When I was ironing the fabrics/linings, I found that the width of my lining isn't what was stated on the bolt and that the lining is wider (selvage to selvage) than my fabric and also it's wider then my pattern calls for.

How do I fix this?

Thanks very much for any input.

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Telling us what your project is will help us help you. If you are making a garment or craft type project it won't make a difference, as you are going to cut out pattern pieces.

Welcome to the world of sewing and the forum. You'll get lots of good advice here.

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Hi meghera

The lining being wider shouldn't make any difference. Now if it were narrower you might have a problem.

Just lay out your pattern pieces according to the pattern directions and cut. Make sure you follow the patterns directions for straight grain line.

If you are making curtains or something that requires the full width then trim off the excess. For curtains make sure you trim off the selvedges on both material and lining so you have a nice laying side seam. If the excess is not too much then just make a bigger hem on the lining.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. However it is best to give as many details as possible.

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