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dlr98004September 19, 2009

We just got new roof, 5/4 x 8" facia and 6" tall custom facia gutters. Our home is 1976 L-shaped rambler. The gutter in the front was designed with about 50 feet of flow for one downspout. (It runs across the front door, along the bedrooms to the garage - the inside corner of the "L"). The downspouts go underground to drain to a small pond. This long section of gutter starts at the front door and is actually a little low - water depth is about 1/2" deep after it has not rained a couple of days. The house has settled and this part of the house is slightly lower than the garage. The gutter guy said he tried to make the gutters run to the downspout, but because of the lenght and unlevel roof/facias, it was impossible to go too low without the gutters looking funny. We discussed adding a second downspout, but it would be right at the front door and would not look good and would have nowhere to tie in to the drainage. Gutter guy said current situation is not ideal, but would be ok as we live in Seattle and it rarely freezes and aluminum gutters will never rust.

Question: Should I have him lower the gutter at the downspout anyway? Should I add a second downspout maybe into a water cistern? Consequences if I leave it "as is"?

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There is a proper way to size gutters and downspouts for a particular size and slope of roof. Have your contractor do it or google it on the internet. There's no reason to guess.

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Peak rainfall rates are available and can be used to decide gutter sizes, number of downspouts, and even pitch required.

They use to be in the old BOCA plumbing code, but I have not looked in the new I-codes.
They are probably there.

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