Divying (sp?) up the pictures

adellabedella_usaMay 29, 2003

Does anyone else have problems deciding who gets what pictures and trying to keep things fair so that child or whoever gets a fair amount of good pictures of each person and no one person is overlooked. I'm working on scrapbooks for my children's baby books right now. I'm having a hard time with who gets what pictures. I could get copies, but I really don't want that for all pictures. I just want to make sure that each child gets a nice book with pictures of the grandparents, parents, siblings, and themselves. I find that DS #1 is getting more stuff in his book than DS#2. Of course, he's been around longer, but I still feel bad.

How does everyone else decide how to make things equitable?

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I know it sounds wasteful but I always have double prints made up. It costs less and uses less of my time than getting single reprints made. These have come in handy over the years for scrapbooks, school projects, etc. Now I have a scanner, so I can make more copies at home if necessary of those special pictures.

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I always get double prints, too. I take thousands of pictures, seriously! So I go to WalMart for double prints. With 4 kids, I usually end up with several pictures that are basically the same where at least one or two of the kids look the best, then with double prints, I generally have enough pictures to go around. Otherwise, I wouldn't hestiate to make 5 copies of the same picture if I have to. I don't do "theme" albums. I have a series of albums for me and DH (where I don't do anything creative!) and then a series for each child. So, that's 5 chronological albums at once! And I have the usual situation where I seem to have very few early pix of my youngest, whereas, I have hundreds of my oldest at the same age. But I'm back on track now and pretty much taking generally the same amount of pictures of each of them. Since their albums are so different from each other, they don't notice who has more, etc. I just wish I had a few more days in the week to keep working on the albums!!

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