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tony098September 11, 2013


I am pretty clueless when come to house related repair. My roof's shingles are peeling. I got a quote to replace it. What do you think?

- Size: 2400 sqft
- Install new white drip edge. Apply ice and water shield to the bottom 6 ft, valleys, and around vents. Apply tar paper to remaining roof surface. Install Landmark architectural shingles. Install new metal attic, exhaust and sewer vents. Add 3 attic vents. Total is $7000
- Optional: switch to ridge ventilation, $400
- Rotten or buckled plywood is $45 per sheet to replace.

Thank you.

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To me, if that is the total proposal, it lacks a lot of information.

One assumes it is a tear off down to the deck, but never assume anything. I've seen people tear off one layer, install ice/water & felt over a layer of material not torn off!

Unless someone is in your locality, only they would know a guesstimate. This is the world wide web.

If torn down to deck, the decking should be broom swept, then blown off with a blower, so no granules/debris are left on the decking. All roof fasteners used on previous should be set (I personally always like to see the fasteners pulled).

There is no spec for the fasteners to be used (staples are a no no)or length of fastener. Drip edge comes in different sizes. There's no mention on brand for ice/water. There's no mention for daily clean-up. There's no mention the roof being secured from elements each & every day. There are numerous types of soil collars, which one used should be mentioned. Different styles of vents are on the market, also there are screened & unscreened (you don't want unscreened). No mention of brand & style of ridge vent if you decide to change it up (chances are, no additional regular style vents would be put in, and any existing should be closed off & patched over. Ridge vents need an intake (soffit vents). There's no mention of any step or counter flashing for any chimney or junctures. It should list how these areas are addressed and with type of material, and installation method. Ask the roofer if they have a _brake_, if the answer is no, they are not in the roofing business, nor know how to address flashing issues.The list goes on & on.

It appears the quote knows how to mention prices, but doesn't list exactly what is being done and with what materials. If one is too lazy to take the time to detail a quote, I really don't think they will get ambition to detail the actual work.

I'd get some detailed quotes.

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I would get more quotes... At least three. And let the companies know you are getting more than theirs, it will keep them honest.

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Sophie Wheeler

Ridge venting requires soffit venting added at the same time. I'd consider it mandatory for a good quality job on a modern roof.

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When they say add attic vents, do you mean replace old vents that are already there or does that mean make new attic vents.

If you have to make new attic vents, it sounds like you could be in for a bad time. You should check your attic and see if the roof is moldy on the underside. Put on a good mask before you go up there. If there is not adequate ventilation and there are no soffit vents then I have serious doubts your roof sheathing is NOT moldy. That would require mold remediation or possibly complete new roof sheathing if it is rotten.

Also, dont let them install too many attic vents because if there are two vents too close to each other then your ventilation does not work properly. Basically the vents become intakes for the other vents and you only ventilate near the top of your roof. The intakes for ventilation should be at your soffits.

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