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stargazzerJanuary 14, 2009

Wal-mart has started checking receipts AGAIN at the door as you leave. There have been 2 items in the local paper about it. the first one was in something called opinion line, today's was written by a columnist that lives in our city.they did not name the store, but walmart has started the practise in the last week or two.

I spoke with an assistant manager about it and ask him what they would do if someone who paid for their purchases said no when for they ask for your receipt to verify that you paid for your merchandise, i told him they couldn't detain us without calling the police. He said they would not detain you but they would keep the cart with your merchandise in it.

well after i paid for my merchandise all of the inside doors were closed except a half door with a man there with his hand out for my receipt, when he asked i said no and walked out. i was not stopped. i mention this to a couple of people and they said they didn't mind. i feel like it's being called a thief, instead of saying Thank you, come again. How do you feel about it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Don't accoust customers

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Costco does this and it doesn't bother me!! Slows things down leaving the store, but ya get used to it! I really don't know if they catch anyone stealing this way, as if ur stealing something, it aint going to be in the cart

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And this has what to do with forum topic?

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are we only suppose to talk about being single?????????????

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This is a public forum. Single, married, whatever - anyone can be annoyed at getting stopped at the door to have a receipt checked. So long as OP did not hi-jack anyone else's thread, she/he may post on any subject.

Remember the old coffee shop threads that were so popular for awhile. Perhaps we need to start another one. Hey, I think I will do just that.

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thank you gerry, that is what i thought. i try to think of something interesting to post. the coffee shop must have been before my time.

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OK, in keeping with thread topic: I, too, get rather annoyed at having to stop at the door to have my receipt checked. After I have spent an hour or more shopping, walking around on cement floors, my back and legs are quite painful and all I want to do after checking out is get to my car and sit down on a soft seat. Please don't make me stand in line to prove I have paid for my stuff. Won't the little "dinger"go off if an item has not been cleared through check-out? Once, I just smiled sweetly to the guy checking receipts and walked right on past the waiting line. No one yelled at me or called me back. I usually comply - but not always. Perhaps when I don't stop, they think I am a bit senile and just let me do it. I am a bit past 70 now. :-)

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The assistant manager was young and said if you don't want us to check the receipt, you are guilty.

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I spoke to someone at WM about this very topic yesterday. I was told that people have been bringing in bags and OLD receipts, then walking out with merchandise they didn't buy. She said you would be amazed what crooks will try. It's the 'coat' season and I guess theft of merchandise goes way up at this time of year. Apparently the 'buzzer' doesn't work on all items. She said she had just stopped a 27 year old lady and her mother, who had an old receipt and a bag of items. She didn't say what they did with the people, but knowing WM, they will be among the 'vanished in thin air' reports! LOL All of our 'receipt checkers' are in their 80's!!!

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Hey Jo - I guess that means I'll still have a chance to get a job in 20 years!! Around here, that's the running joke - to grow up to become a WM Greeter. What a tough way to retire! The way the economy is going though, that will probably be an in-demand job. They'll find a way to give those jobs to the younger foks 'cause their faculties are still in tact! They'll probably get better pay too.

I don't like the receipt-checking thing at all. I guess it goes back to all the red-lining and stereo-typing in some areas. But, I've been very close to robbery situations, and my sister used to work Security at a major dept store. Anything that can be done to minimize theft is good. I know that in some places,employees are checked before leaving for the day. But employee theft is HUGE! My sister was in on a "sting" operation for an employee that had just had a baby. If he had gotten away with it, that baby would have had enough stuff to last a lifetime. He even had enough entertainment stuff to start a real entertainment center in his house - before they were in vouge. This was all in one night. The store normally wouldn't prosecute them, but when he got caught, he bad-mouthed the store so loudly that when a police cruiser on routine pratrol drove by, the Officer stopped. The manager pressed charges. So along with not having a job to buy the items needed for babby, he probably wasnt' around for Baby when it was born - can we say hugs through metal bars!

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i don't see greeters any more. When I worked there 10 or 12 years ago, they hired seniors to welcome everyone when they entered the door. It's different now, their younger and do return work and check receipts. I don't think seniors would want to be put in the position to be faced with angry customers. I was leaving Walmart when a customer was asked for her receipt to prove she paid for a huge bag of dog food. She was one who put the short editorial in the paper a couple of days later.

before the stores started staying open 24 hours a day the store had cameras installed and turned them on at night to watch the stockers. Stupid people losing their job for a candy bars.

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my 2 cents....

I hate being asked for my receipt. Usually they don't even check thoroughly, so it seems more like a psychological test to me. If you're innocent, you'll stop and be inconvenienced.

At least at Costco they check and really look through your cart, and ask "did you get two cheeses" or whatever,,, it makes me feel like they're making sure I got all of my groceries, rather than like I took more than I paid for.

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They do this at Sam's too. Personally anything that keeps down the prices I am all for. It doesn't bother me at all-I just expect it and if they don't ask; well even better.

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At Sam's checking the receipts is in the contract you sign when you get a card. That leads me to believe it's not legal to make you stop to verify you paid for everything without you signing.

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i had a neighbor once who told me that she buys things on sale at one store, then takes the merchandise to another store that sells the same products when they're NOT on sale, and gets a refund for the higher price - without a receipt. i can understand the store wanting to crack down.

asolo: i'm hearing you say that you'd like to talk about TSL. me too, so you wanna start a thread on a subject that's near 'n dear? or controversial? or fun? or muskrats 'n rambles? or... omg, i've run out of ors, but i'm waiting.

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Here's a related thought. Since we are being encouraged to "go green", wouldn't bringing your own bags make it that much easier to shoplift? A thief could easily fill their bags and have an old receipt. If the checker didn't stop all shoppers using non-store bags and check the receipt closely they could easily get away with it. This also makes getting out the door a much longer process if they check everyone meeting this criteria. Doesn't exactly encourage using your own bags.

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