Mercury Electric Sewing Machine

lovetommy1March 9, 2008

Hello all, new member her looking for anyone that may have information on my sewing machine. My 92 year old great aunt gave it to me recently and I have questions. It was oiled and tuned before being given to me and it seems to be in excellent condition. I cannot find any information on it on line so far. I'd really like to find an owners manual if possible, and or an approx. age. Thanks!!

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Is this what you have?? I just put Mercury sewing machines in google and there are a bunch of hits.


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It's most likely a Japanese copy of the popular Singer 15, sold in the 50s and 60s. Look for a plate at the bottom of the upright post that says something like "Made in Japan, Precision Deluxe". Feel free to e-mail me privately to talk about this more thoroughly. I'm a sewing machine collector and I think I can help you out.


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I just recently got one of these too, I can't get much information about it, I thought it was a singer up till now and had tried running the number I found on the machine through singer to get them to ID it, but wasn't getting anywhere, then I noticed made in Japan stamped on the back. Well, so now I am trying to date this machine. The number stamped on this is 67200. Please send me info on this machine, I'm trying to get as much information about it so that when I sell it I at least know what it is worth, and the history of the machine, and the approximate age.


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There's really no way to accurately date the Japanese machines yet. Can you post a picture somewhere? I can give you a ballpark figure based on the color and style.


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I just found one of these old mercury machines along with a handful of other machines. Does anyone know of a market other then ebay for these machines?

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I suggested to another member this site, mostly vintage machines and loads of information;

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I just picked up an Occupied in Japan Mercury sewing machine and would like to learn more about them. I read one post on this thread which said to email Annie privately which I would like to do but can't figure out how to do so. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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