Lasik Eye Surgery

berainJanuary 30, 2004

Decided just to make a new post...

So far this Lasik surgery is wonderful... went to the doctor today for a follow up appointment and I'm seeing 20/20 in the right eye and 20/15 in the left!

No pain, keeping up with my eye drops on schedule and actually driving this morning too. I feel great. My "good" friend in Colorado (that's a story for an entirely new thread) called and could hear the excitement in my voice! He went from 20/1200 to 20/20... I was only 20/350... but I've worn glasses/contacts for 31 years...

I can't remember what it's like to be like this!

Thanks for all your good wishes... I'll be happy to tell anyone of my experience - if interested...


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Good to hear that you had it done, older brother had that done a few years back and has no I recall it was 1500 per eye back then. What was your cost? Not being nosy, just figuring that it's a legitimate question for someone that might be thinking about it.

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Yes, I had lasik surgery at a place called LasikPlus... would highly recommend it... they are so professional... a little higher in cost than some places, but I figured, it's my only set of eyes, why not go for the best. I paid $1,299 per eye, less some covered by insurance. Our firm just established a pre-tax medical spending account so that my portion is at least pre-tax monies.

Turns out this doctor taught my mother's corneal transplant at the Univ. of South Florida... came highly recommended...

Thanks for sharing in my happiness.


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Barbara -- I'm trying to work up the courage to have Lasik. Can you tell me the date that you had it done? And now for the real personal question --- how old are you? The reason I ask is that I wonder about the effect of lasik in relation to presbyopia and the need for reading glasses.

Also, do you have an astigmatism?

Thanks .

Pam -- age 56!

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I had the lasik surgery last Thursday, Jan. 29th. Follow up the next day, and again in a week. I'm 40 - (41 in July) and was told that presbyopia will happen no matter what... lasik can even precipitate it. Right now everything is o.k... I wouldn't mind reading glasses since I have worn glasses or contacts for 31 years anyway. I have only a slight astigmatism and did have a small scratch on my left cornea, neither of which eliminated me from eligibility. Somewhere in my paperwork, I have a list of conditions that automatically eliminates you... let me see if I can put my hands on it and paraphrase it here...

I initially went to see if I could be eliminated, just to put the idea out of my head completely... but it turns out I was eligible. I waited a month to make up my mind...then had it done.

Very happy so far!!


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I guess my concern (other than being left blind!)is that I will trade one pair of glasses for another. Right now I wear glasses for mid to far range. For reading and computer work I don't need glasses. It's kind of like I have reverse presbyopia!

Anyway, I think lasik will give me good mid to far distance vision, but then I'll need reading glasses. I guess the only way to really find out is to go for an evaluation.

Thanks. You were courageous! Was your heart thumping out of your chest??


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I'll add a couple cents here for what it's worth far as the concerns about the reading glasses go, my brother after his surgery (at around the age of 59 or so) did find that he needed reading glasses for very fine print....he could read it, but had to hold the page almost 2 feet away....still he only needs to read fine print in certain cases and he is very happy with the results....I'd consider it if I had been dependent on lenses and glasses from childhood like he was

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that is what I cannot figure out, Barbara. Why is there such a difference in prices? I certainly don't want cheap eye surgery, but why is there as much as a thousand dollars difference in the prices in the ads? I know I am missing something.

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I think it's the difference between Wal-Mart and the boutique on the corner.

Big companies offer lower prices because they do more business. The small store offers customer service and one of a kind items.

I personally would opt to pay more for the doctor who has scads of experience and is highly-regarded, rather than places like TLC or Krememr (in the Philadelphia area), who move you through like burgers at McDonalds.

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