working with an adjuster on roof repair, how to prepare?

thecurious1September 2, 2013

Hello Everyone

I hope that all are having a great labor day.

There were severe storms in my area in the last 30 days and while a tree fell in the backyard, it thought it was something I could handle myself. To make a long story short...there is clearly more damage than I expected. (think roof leaks...several).

My question is this, I have finally called the insurance company and made the claim, however Im concerned about working with the adjuster. I believe that the insurance co.s agenda is to spend as little as possible to resolve my claim. How an I as a homeowner who doesn't know one shingle from another make sure that the adjuster is not trying to cut corners and "repair" when "replace" is what should happen?

I would also like a comment on one option that presented itself that I rejected. Reps for an "independent adjuster:" were canvassing after the storm. Basically the premise was this. You sign to work with the "independent adjuster" who then meets with your adjuster and agrees to a price. If you do not work with the construction co associated with the "adjuster" you are charged a 20 fee as the adjusters fee. This did not smell right to me (m alarm meeter went into gear when they would not allow me to keep th paperwork over night before signing), please let me know if working under this type of agreement is very common.

Id appreciate any help in trying to figure this out. thanks

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First, find a roofer who is experienced in working with insurance companies. It's part of the job. They should be able to work out a decent settlement. In getting the recommended three bids, you'll also be evaluating their level of professionalism, not just looking for the lowest price.

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Just because "adjusters" were canvasing the area does not mean that they were competent or even legit. I'd talk to a real adjuster from another source before you write them all off as shady.

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Photos of the leaks for all's documentation. If you have any before photos, that would help tremendously.

You're saying roof leaks. Has it gone through attic space into top house floor and now showing as staining of the ceiling. Photos, and a clause introduced into the record that mentions all damage might not as yet be seen (similar damage that is).

Is it around a chimney region? Make sure they take it down all around the chimney then, as it could be tiles, could be flashing/pointing.

As sushipup mentioned, having a qualified roofer with some insurance company experience is helpful. Call you state insurance office: they might give a couple of names in your office.

Our adjustments for similar were fair. It's the price increase in premiums subsequently that get you, but your rated once you make a claim. GL

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I used to work with insurance companies for storm damage. If you think you will get a brand new roof because an area is damaged, you probably want to lower your bar a bit. Insurance companies will generally replace (which is a repair) one side of the roof if a tree fell on it, unless the roof has damage all over it (hail usually).

As far as those "independent" adjusters, most of them in my area are working for roofing companies in sales. My best advice is to slam the door in their face. You will be on the hook to them, not your insurance company.

When I was in the business, insurance companies would contact my company and usually say to fix what needs fixed. No questions asked. It all depended on the insured, sometimes they wanted to get involved and just get a check cut to them. I'm sure your insurance company will work with you for the least inconvenience for them. In all honesty, I believe the adjusters are too busy to look at a couple thousand dollar claim.

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I would call several established roofing companies to make sure that you have roof damage. Could be some hail damage too. Also call your home insurance company and let them see the damage from the ceiling stains. We had to have our roof replaced because of hail damage in our area. Our roof had 2 layers of old shingles. They all had to be removed. The only mistake we made was using a roofer that the insurance adjuster suggested. They did a fair job but we had to call them back several times to fix little things before we were satisfied. Also talk to your neighbors who have had their roofs replaced and see if they were pleased with the work that they had done. Good luck.

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