Sears Garage opener Old

gzecSeptember 24, 2008

I have an old GDO from Sears 41A4315-7 from 93'.

For some reason it now comes up too high. It causes the upper most wheel to come off the track. There are no obvious adjustments that I can see. Any suggestions?

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Most garage door openers have two adjusting screws on the side of the actual opener unit installed on your garage ceiling. One is usually labelled something like "Up" and the other "Down". You probably need to adjust the up button so the opener stops pulling on the door sooner. Use a standard flat head screwdriver and make like a quarter turn (I *think* counterclockwise) - it doesn't take much to make a couple of inches adjustment.

I assume there is nothing else wrong - like anything pulling apart or broken. Especially check if one or more of your springs are broken - not always obvious.

If this adjustment doesn't work, then you should probably call a pro.

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scottmell, you were right. I thought I tried that! Thanks for the help.

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scottmel has you on the right track. Turn the 'up limit' in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. One complete turn equals approximately 2 inches of travel.

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