No roof sheathing clips

bus_driverSeptember 2, 2007

House built about 1968, roof trusses 2'OC, pitch 4, 1/2" CD plywood decking. No clips were used between the trusses. In some places, the edge of one sheet of plywood is up slightly and the edge of the abutting sheet is down slightly between the trusses. I have heard of cutting a hole to permit sliding in a clip in such cases. Sounds easy, but probably not so because installing the clips on new work is not always so easy. Aligning those edges now will not be easy! I have a couple of other ideas but wanted your creativity. Any solutions that are fast, easy, and effective? The house has been reroofed once, has only one layer of shingles now and soon will need those replaced.

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Fast and easy was done the first time, incorrectly.

The sheets need to be lifted and spaced. That's the only way to eliminate future buckling.


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Quick and dirty.

A 4"x6" piece of 1/2" plywood fastened with 1" screws in the center of the abutting plywood to take the place of the clips.

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The clips are used to get a preset space between the panels for expansion. Just take a power saw, set the depth to whatever thickness plywood you have and run the saw along the seams. The spacing should be about 1/8", coincidently, the width of a saw blade.
You guys are trying to reinvent the wheel.

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Clips are primarily for load transfer. They minimize the springiness on the sheathing seams when truss of rafter spacing is towards the far end of allowable spacing.

Normally used when trusses of rafters are spaced 24" or greater. The clip needs to be centered between the rafters or trusses.

As BusDriver noted, by holding the panel edges together, they prevent them from floating independently and causing seam lines in the shingles.

Gapping the panels? A byproduct of using the clips.

Retrofit? Yeah, blocking could be installed. You can do what the previous poster wrote, or if you have a helper to hold the blocking underneath, you can use longer screws and screw from on top of the roof deck down into the attic. That would give the threads better purchase.

You could also use small thin gauge metal plates, screwed from the top.

If you drill holes, you'll still have to use a small saw, something like a keyhole/drywall saw, to cut a kerf between the sheets that the clip can slide horizontally in to.

Not a fun remedy, whichever way you go.

But bravo for trying to make it better.



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