Crack in bathroom sink

kathypassSeptember 15, 2006

I usually hang out in the decorating forum but I have a problem that is more of a repair issue.

We had a counter top with double sinks made for our master bathroom from a place called The Tub Factory. They have recently closed their doors. It is probably epoxy based and was made in a mold. One of the sinks has developed a crack in the middle (about 2 inches long and millimeters wide). Before it gets any worse, is there any product that we can use ourselves to repair this crack?

The background of the sink is white and has some grey, blue and green in it (matches our tile).



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Sounds like a cultured marble type product? Call your local shops and see if anyone can do a repair. This isn't a DIY project, unfortunately.

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I'm not really sure of the product type, although we still have the sample so maybe I can bring it to someone and they will know.

Thanks for your reply!

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We have an older cast concrete sink in the basement, and the plumber cracked it while repairing a drain. I was able to fill the crack with epoxy, and the repair has held up for several years. However, this is a functional repair, not a cosmetic repair. The crack, and the epoxy, are highly visible when the light is on in that corner of the basement.

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I hope you found a fix for your sink.

I am also having problems with a current installation by the Tub Factory, on Long Island. Which branch is closing/ just closed?

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Thanks for your post vicki. I had also posted over in the bathroom forum and got a product suggestion, but when I told my DH, he is figuring we will have to have a professional come in and take care of it, as someone said above. If I knew the type of person/business to call, I'd just get it going myself; but I'm waiting on DH!

The place we went to was on Sunrise Highway, I think it was Bohemia.

Good luck with your problem.

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I found a company with a new product that is an sink insert. It is custom made to fit inside your sink. Kind of like the bathtub liners except for sinks. Website is

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You can use repair kits from NNREPAIR. This is very fast and easy. You can choose the color to match the color of your sink. You reply some repair material to the damaged area, then cure with light and polish. All necessary materials can be found in the kit. Repair is very easy and high quality. You will be happy with the result.

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